The first month 16 send year, folk have sultry scold custom?What is titillating?What is the purpose?

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Tiger spring, tangyuan lanterns celebrate yuanxiao;Today is the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, is also a traditional folk festival Lantern Festival;Families eat tangyuan in the morning and go out to enjoy lanterns in the evening. People push the New Year to another climax on this day.According to the traditional Chinese custom, the 15th day of the first lunar month is the last day of the New Year.To the 16th of the first month, the folk will usher in another festival – send New Year;Sending out the New Year means that the New Year process is coming to an end. Since the 16th day of the first lunar month, folk life has gradually returned to normal.Farmers in the year after the formal preparation of spring ploughing spring sowing production, businessmen will be on the right track, people who travel on this day, ready to set foot on the New Year’s road to make a living.In order to bid farewell to the New Year, but also for the New Year everything goes well, peace and happiness;There is also a folk “16 do not send the year, the four seasons is not good”;Therefore, on the day of the end of the old year, the people specially hold a number of farewell activities to declare the end of the old year;For example, some folk on the 16th day of the first month to carry out a bar wattle, dance torch, fried hemp, send the local customs activities;Among them, titillating scolding is also a traditional content of the custom of sending the New Year on the 16th day of the first month;So, what kind of custom is sultry scold after all?What’s the point of titillating?How to carry out titillating activities?What is the titillating custom?Sultry scolding refers to that on the 16th day of the first lunar month, in order to release the pent-up emotions accumulated because of the need to observe taboos during the Spring Festival, some people who have suppressed emotions deliberately provoke others or tease others to arouse their anger and make others laugh and scold.This kind of behavior is called “looking for scolding” or “being scolded”, and the folk will also carry out the day of being scolded on the 16th day of the first month is called sultry scolding.What are the reasons for the titillating custom?Sultry scolding was a traditional custom widely existed in the folk in the old days.Because the Chinese New Year is a day for people to offer sacrifices to their ancestors, bid farewell to the old and usher in the new, and pray for good luck, the Chinese New Year is also the most important traditional festival of the year, and people attach particular importance to the form and process of the Chinese New Year;Since the Spring Festival is the day of sacrifice to welcome the New Year, there must be many rules or folk taboos to be observed during the Spring Festival.For example, there is a folk custom of not swearing, not swearing and not getting angry during the Spring Festival.For some grumpy people, even if the heart is unhappy, or the heart of anger also adhere to the taboo and rules;This causes a part of people to abide by the taboo or rules of the year to produce a lot of dissatisfaction;The 16th day of the first lunar month is the end of the year. People hereby release their discontent accumulated during the Spring Festival on this day, in order to get rid of bad luck and start a new life easily.Sultry scolding is an excuse for some people to vent their discontent.What’s the point of the titillating custom?According to folklore, on the 16th day of the first lunar month, provoking others or flirting with others is considered to drive away bad luck in the year, so it is also called cursing bad luck.There is also a custom on the 16th day of the first lunar month. No matter you tease others or scold yourself, you will not hit them.And the scolding person is not really scolding, but always laughing and scolding;It is said that the more the scold is cursed, the more auspicious, and the deeper the scold, the better luck.How to carry out provocative scolding?According to legend, on the 16th day of the first month, people who need to vent their emotions can find suitable objects to stir up trouble and then accept criticism;For example, the bad-tempered brother-in-law can make fun of his sister-in-law, and her sister-in-law will be red-faced and angry.Young men can also find a favorite sweetheart say a few witty words, and then attract a few dia scold;Even the elderly couple can exchange a few words, laughing and scolding is love;And the naughty children, bound by age, could go kicking at the widow’s door, knocking at her window, or throwing firecrackers into her yard;Until the widow shouted, the children fled like birds in every direction, leaving only the laughter of children all over the village.Sultry scold is the custom culture or folk customs?The existence of titillation in the old farming age or in a specific historical period has its rationality and inevitability.However, with the development of social civilization to the present height, it is obviously inappropriate for provocative scolding to continue to exist or spread.Because the level of old farming culture is different from modern social civilization and new farming civilization;For example, different farming living conditions, different farming cultural backgrounds, and different levels of social civilization, the customs suitable for the old farming era may not be suitable for the development of modern civilization;Because the difference of social and cultural level determines the difference of cognitive level;Moreover, there is no specific control standard and mechanism for the selection of objects, timing and extent of teasing. Once the control mechanism or opportunity is lost, titillating may develop into prominent interpersonal or social contradictions. Therefore, the gradual disappearance of titillating folk customs may become inevitable.The 16th day of the first lunar Month is the anniversary of the end of the Lunar New Year.For example, some folk in the 16th day of the first month to carry out a bar wattle, dance torch, send cattle stakes, pressing hemp and other folk customs and customs;Among them, titillating scolding is also an important part of the custom activities of the 16th lunar month;Sultry scolding is an excuse to vent the dissatisfaction accumulated in the old age taboo. It has its historical rationality and inevitability in the old farming age.But in the rapid development of social civilization today, the existence of the custom of teasing is obviously inappropriate;Our purpose in writing this article is to document the custom so that people can understand it and not to advocate the continuation or continuation of this custom.