The smooth operation of the Olympic venues in Beijing demonstrated China’s efficiency and determination

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This article is from:Zhonggong net wang, Guangming Daily reporters Hou Ke cosette on February 19, winter Olympic Games in Beijing the main media center at the Beijing games venue operation media briefing, the Beijing organizing committee for the games venues department minister said Yao Hui, today is the 15th day of the Beijing Olympics running, so far, the three division of the winter Olympics in Beijing, a total of 12 competition venues running smoothly,Athletes from all over the world continue to surpass themselves and create new good results on the carefully built competitive stage.The men’s snowboard grand jump final of Beijing Winter Olympic Games was held at the Shougang Ski Grand jump in Beijing, Capital of China, Feb. 15, 2018.Xinhua News Agency reporter Huang Zongzhi, Yao Hui introduced, in the 19th morning of the INTERNATIONAL Olympic Committee and the Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing Committee held the last high-level regular meeting, the INTERNATIONAL Olympic Committee president Bach praised the Work of the Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing committee: “you solve the problem quickly and efficiently, showing China’s efficiency and determination.”Yao Hui, who helped run the venues for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, is one of the world’s first “double Olympics city”. He is now involved in venue management for the Upcoming Winter Olympics.In his opinion, the success of the Winter Olympic Games operation guarantee is built on the basis of standard and distinctive venue operation.”We have implemented very well the IOC philosophy on the venues. We all emphasize that the venues serve a diverse clientele, which is the basic principle of our work.We strive to solve 98 percent of the problems within the venue, and external government departments and localities have also given strong support and guarantee to the operation of the venue.”A key factor for the success of the Games will be to ensure the safety of quarantine, which will put higher demands on venue operations.”When we made the operation design, we set up the areas inside and outside the closed loop scientifically, including the confirmation of each flow line, and took into account the requirements of epidemic prevention.”Yao hui said, “We did a good job with two successes.The first is the successful separation of the closed loop from the society, and the second is the successful control of the spread of the disease within the closed loop.”Team Canada competes against team USA during the men’s curling bronze medal match at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games at the Iccube at the National Aquatics Center in Beijing, capital of China, Feb. 18, 2018.Xinhua News Agency reporter Yang Lei reviewed the operation of the stadium in recent days, Yao Hui concluded: “We adhere to the athletes as the center, implement a series of measures, such as nucleic acid testing, stadium elimination, ring traffic, to ensure that athletes are safe and relaxed.”In his opinion, not only the athletes but also other parties concerned are satisfied with the facilities, accommodation, specialty food and quarantine measures.The smooth operation of the 12 competition venues is also inseparable from the good implementation of the Olympic concept.Yao hui said that the Beijing Winter Olympic Games has always adhered to the concept of green and high-tech hosting, and the application and embodiment of the concept of scientific and environmental protection in various aspects has added special charm to the Winter Olympic Games.For example, the “Ice Ribbon”, which has set a number of Olympic records and a world record, and the newly applied trans-critical cooling technology of carbon dioxide, not only creates the “fastest ice”, which helps athletes achieve outstanding athletic results, but also is expected to save 2 million KWH of electricity every year in terms of energy saving.Robot identification, through face recognition, id recognition and other ways, can be completed in one second to enter the equipment verification, intelligent temperature measurement, health code query and nucleic acid test results query and other 8 processes;In addition, atomizing disinfection robots, temperature-monitoring band-aids and aerosol virus monitoring systems working in various areas of the venue have all helped to improve the level and quality of work of the venue operation department.Guangming Daily (February 20, 2022 edition 09)