Winter Olympic torchbearer Li Jianye: I hold flying, design for the country

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“For me personally, ‘design for the country’ was the first word that came to my mind when I received the bidding task to design the Torch for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.Participating in the design of the ‘flying’ Olympic torch is a journey to find the roots of Chinese culture and spirit.”I am both excited and honored to run with the torch that I designed so hard to finish the relay.”On February 2, the Beijing Winter Olympic Games torch “flying” appearance designer Li Jianye, Alibaba chief industrial designer Li Jianye as the torchbearer completed the relay, accepted science and technology Daily reporter interview with emotion.About 1,200 torchbearers will carry the “flying” torch during the 3-day relay in Beijing, Yanqing and Zhangjiakou.On the night of February 4, the torch relay will ignite the Beijing Winter Olympics at the Bird’s Nest.In early May 2020, Li jianye’s design team was invited to participate in an open competition to design the Torch for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.After nearly 5 months of modification and improvement, nearly 10,000 hand-drawn sketches were completed, and the design scheme was changed a little every day and a big change in three days. Finally, it passed multiple rounds of evaluation by leading experts of BoCOG and stood out among nearly 100 professional designers from 22 provinces (regions and municipalities) in China, and was highly recognized by the Ioc Executive Committee.The “flying” torch of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games has a dynamic and energetic overall appearance. It is a display of the cultural spirit and national spirit of today’s China, and also places people’s good expectations for the future.”In my opinion, the Olympic torch is a symbol of cultural exchange.”Li Jianye said that inspired by the Chinese culture of “the law of nature, the unity of nature and man”, the design of “flying” torch draws inspiration from nature, presenting a very natural and Oriental aesthetic feeling, while conveying the value proposition of a community with a shared future for mankind.Especially in the design of the torch curve, do not adhere to the traditional industrial design of the line slightly rigid treatment, do not industrialize and parameterized feeling.Therefore, “flying” is an open shape, inclusive posture of the torch, breaking through the traditional closed shape of the torch, contains the traditional Chinese philosophical wisdom of “what is good, what is not good”.However, when the first draft was submitted, the Organizing committee of the Winter Olympics was not satisfied with its appearance, which put Li jianye’s team into a creative dilemma. When they happened to see a newly fallen leaf with clever lines, presenting a spiral hollow shape, inspiration struck them.”We observed that the rotation of this leaf is accelerated, and this vitality enables people to find a connection between nature and human society, that is, life is not a straight line, but a curve, with fast and slow progress, which inspires the shape of the ‘flying’ torch today.”Li Jianye recalled.At that time, Li Jianye proposed material innovation + cultural symbol:Using high-tech ceramics as the burning head (ceramics and CHINA are both CHINA, so it is a special Chinese material, and it is the first time in the history of the Olympic torch design), and with the spiral red flag rolling carbon fiber shell shape, express the vitality of Chinese culture and the rejuvenation and rise of the Chinese nation.The spiraling lines also abstractly express the beauty of the rhythm of the Great Wall, the track and the movement;The shell surface of the torch is covered with silver red gradient color processing, as if a song of ice and fire. It integrates Chinese red in an innovative and modern way, and makes full use of the cultural symbols that all Chinese people can feel.Kent li said, “the design of the torch, the breakthrough innovation in many aspects, especially the bold use a lot of high-tech, such as the use of hydrogen fuel, the application of carbon fiber materials, etc., it fully embodies the contemporary science and technology progress with each passing day, and advanced environmental protection technology development level, more present in our country industrial design level, highlighted the importance of design,It carries cultural exchange and has a place in the world.”Source: Science and Technology Daily interviewees for the picture editor: Wang Yu Review: Yue Liang final review: He Yi