A woman in Shandong province went to the hospital every day to express her love for the doctor after being discharged from the hospital

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The healer is kind.If you eat whole grains, you will inevitably get sick.In the mind of most doctors, they take good care of their patients, keeping them away from diseases and living a happy life is the original intention of their practice.It is no exaggeration to say that in the eyes of doctors, there are only patients and normal people, but in the eyes of some patients, it is not so.A woman in a certain place in Shandong fell ill in hospital, after the doctor’s careful care and treatment, finally restored to health.But unexpectedly, the woman claimed to have fallen in love with her doctor.It is not uncommon for patients to fall in love with their doctors.Because doctors are a special profession, and patients are often very fragile when they are sick.Some people will mistake the normal treatment of their doctor for love.But this woman’s approach is a bit “out of line”.After leaving the hospital, the woman went to the door of the hospital almost every day to vindicate the attending doctor.Standing in front of the hospital, the woman called the doctor by name and said she had never loved anyone in her life.The doctor is believed to be in his 50s and already married.And make it very clear that you don’t accept love.Despite being explicitly rejected by her doctor, the woman did not give up.The woman seemed to be infatuated with love and still insisted on expressing her love at the hospital gate every day.Hope to move each other with their practical actions.Love is beautiful, but there is a premise, that is, two feelings together.Woman such practice, obviously some unreasonable.The other side had a family, and clear show his intention, this time to make such a move, some unreasonable.Not only does it affect doctors’ work, but it may also affect doctors’ family life.Doctors work in a very special environment, with many patients coming and going every day.A woman standing in front of a doctor’s office Shouting her love is likely to have a bad impact on his reputation.Healing the wounded and saving the dying is a doctor’s duty, but from the side of the doctor is also a living person, he also has his own life.He has his own privacy.Although everyone has the right to pursue love, the woman’s behavior is obviously selfish.Only express their own feelings, but ignore the other person’s psychology.In fact, there are many kinds of love, for those doomed to no result of love.It is better to keep it in your heart than to express it freely in public.Turn this kind of love into power and pursue your own happy life bravely. This is the meaning of love.The doctor said he did not know the woman in order to avoid suspicion.But the woman was still unrelenting, said he had received a doctor’s treatment a few days ago.If you have a crush on someone and cause them trouble.This is a good time to reflect on your behavior.How many patients can a doctor treat in a year?How many patients can a doctor save in a lifetime?The woman’s behavior was not loved by doctors, but affected doctors to help other patients.It’s a lose-lose situation.Sometimes wishful love is not love, but selfish.​