Celebrate the Lantern Festival | enjoy the tradition and taste the food with xiaomei cooking machine

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Another year on the Lantern Festival, small beauty cooking machine I wish you a lucky Lantern Festival victory, peace and prosperity.Do you eat tangyuan or yuanxiao for the Lantern Festival?In fact, the main difference between tangyuan and Yuanxiao is the production method is different, tangyuan first have skin, is wrapped out, yuanxiao first do stuffing, is rolled out.However, tangyuan and Yuanxiao are very similar in taste and shape, and both symbolize a happy family, reunion and happiness, expressing the yearning and love for a better life.No matter in the north or the south, they all pursue the same desire with different food, hoping for reunion, peace and prosperity.Small Beauty cooking machine, today brings traditional food — black sesame dumplings, no matter north and south, no matter ancient and modern, can not resist the delicious.Experience the tradition and taste the food without leaving home with xiaomei Cooking machine!Black sesame dumpling each: 533.4kJ/127.4kcal, protein 1.6g, carbohydrate 13.3g, fat 7.6g, dietary fiber 0.8g Black sesame lard Filling: 100g black sesame, cooked, 80-100g sugar, 100g suet, fascia removed, cut 1cm pieces of glutinous rice dough and make:200g glutinous rice flour, 160g warm water (see tips), water, used to cook dumplings, black sesame lard filling amount 1, put black sesame seeds and sugar in the pot, 10 seconds/speed 10 grind.2. Add the suet, mix at 30 seconds/reverse/speed 3, pour into a bowl and refrigerate until congealed (about 2 hours).Clean the main pan.3. Put glutinous rice flour and warm water into the main pot, mix at a speed of 30 seconds / 6, scraping ingredients to the bottom of the main pot with a spatula.4, knead the dough again /1 minute 30 seconds knead the dough, pour the dough onto the counter, use your hands to round and smooth the surface.Divide the dough into 18 equal pieces and round them one by one. Cover the dough with a damp kitchen towel to keep the surface moist.At the same time, take the black sesame lard filling from the refrigerator. Divide evenly into 18 parts and round it.5, in a small dough, thumb and gently pressed into a small bowl, fill in a black sesame lard stuffing, one hand hold the stuffing, another hand thumb and index finger slowly tighten skin, let the convergent a little narrow, finally pinched convergent, rub round again, cover with a damp kitchen towel, finished all the dumplings in turn.6, take a pot, add the appropriate amount of water, heat the water to boil, then reduce the heat to low, put in the dumplings, with a slotted spoon clockwise stir the dumplings, so that they do not stick.When the water is boiling again, add appropriate amount of water, keep the heat low and simmer, wait for all the dumplings to float to the surface of the water, then serve in a bowl.Tips: Different brands of glutinous rice flour have slightly different water absorbency. You can use less water to make glutinous rice dough, mix it and then add it as necessary.If you can’t eat all the dumplings at one time, you can put them in the refrigerator and keep them for about 1 month.The frozen dumplings can be cooked directly without thawing.TM6 users can activate the digital guided cooking function on the machine, and also see the detailed recipe step chart.Like this recipe and keep it in your collection