Human flesh billboard, mutton stove shop, coasters, blue camp youth to fight for the primary nomination of unusual

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According to Taiwan media reports, the epidemic control center in Taiwan has banned the running of food stalls, which has caused a lot of trouble for the blue camp newcomers who are seeking to be nominated for the 2022 election for county and city councilors.Nevertheless, Kuomintang deputy spokesman Yang Zhi dou is unusual recruit, plan with “human flesh kanban” rob exposure;Tian Fang-lun, former head of the KMT’s youth league, used his own mutton stove shop as his campaign headquarters.Many young people in the KMT are interested in seeking party nomination and running for county and city councillors at the end of the year, but due to their relatively limited visibility and resources, they have to find a way to expose themselves in order to gain more public awareness and support.KMT deputy spokesman Yang Chih-dou, who is about to enter the parliamentary primary in Taipei’s Tai an Wenshan district, used the anti-Lai pig “referendum” campaign to choose to roast Taiwan pig sausage at cheng Kung Residential Building in Taipei.He said, the new couple need to campaign small things to raise awareness, so he made a pig piggy bank labeled with “daily money”, put a symbolic yuan inside, let voters ask for luck, but also self-marketing.Since there is no running booth opportunity, there is no resources and veteran grab advertising board, we have to work hard.He plans to hang a billboard on his body after the New Year, and take preventive measures to fight for exposure on the streets, so that people have more opportunities to know him.Xiao Jingyan, the former director of the Kuomintang youth Department, chose to go to the gongliao constituency of Pingxi Shuangxi, Ruifang City, New Taipei city. Because of its vast territory, Xiao jingyan began to travel last year, laughing at himself that he spent every day in the mountains and under the sea.He said the drive from point to point starts at half an hour and once covered more than 100 kilometers in a day.He said, can not run stalls really make people headache, so I think in advance of local propaganda billboards and more political programs, grab exposure.Will also use ruifang, Pingxi, Shuangxi, Gongliao local characteristics or landscape image of the pattern printed on the cup mat, as the future collection of small things, in addition to promoting local characteristics, but also for the donors as a memorial.Tian Fang-lun, the former head of the Kuomintang youth league who will run in the primary election for the Xinyi district of Songshan, Taipei, used his mutton stove restaurant as his campaign headquarters. After finishing his trip, he returned to the restaurant to greet guests and supporters and talk about current politics to impress local people.Lawyers are also invited to the restaurant from time to time to provide free legal advice to the public, so that mutton stove shop is not just mutton stove shop.He said that in recent years, he often invited friends from the blue and green political circles to his restaurant and discussed current politics while having dinner. Sometimes, the guests at the next table would joke that it was like watching a live political debate program.In addition, TV anchor Liu Tsewei also intends to leave after the New Year to run for parliament in Taipei’s Zhongshan Datong district.She said that in the future, she will first stand at the intersection, step by step to interact with the people at the grassroots level, clenching each hand, so that people know her better and win support.# # Taiwan