Jin Zhongfu or replace Li Xiaopeng, China women’s football team decisive battle in South Korea, Shui Qingxia interview domineer voice

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The Chinese women’s team final, South Korea, ShuiQingXia interview domineering, Li Xiaopeng Mr Chen encounter trouble India women’s Asian cup in 2022, the final set in February 6, 7 PM, the Chinese women’s team to prepare for the final moment, coach ShuiQingXia accepted the media interview, she said that the Chinese women’s team in the process of reshaping again into the finals, let team members more easy,Also symbolized the Chinese women’s football team to set sail again.Shui Qingxia mentioned that in the last match, The Chinese women’s football team defeated the Japanese women’s football team. The process of the match was very difficult. Before the match, she asked the players to have the courage to fight and show the fighting spirit of the women’s football team.Shui Qingxia was very relieved, happy and restrained on the court. She suppressed her joy and told the players not to lift themselves up to celebrate. Our goal is to win the championship.During the interview, Shui Qingxia thanked the team, the players and the coaching staff. The team’s goal remains the same, to beat the South Korean team in the final stage to win the championship.ShuiQingXia guide said he very value the victory of the Asian cup game itself, the Chinese women’s team to have confidence in the final, the team began a comprehensive preparation, south Korean women’s football is a good team, we are in the final against them is a challenge, rival teams have a lot of good players, so we have for the opponent before the game in physical and psychological adjustment,Be prepared to face difficulties.Shui Qingxia has been transmitting a kind of idea to the players, the court is changeable, the players should maintain their confidence, to be able to show their ability.Indeed, Shui Qingxia’s domineering voice also brought confidence to the fans.Wang Shanshan, the captain of the Chinese women’s soccer team, was the man of the match on the semifinal stage.Wang Shanshan said to listen to the coach’s arrangement and tactical deployment, we reduce mistakes, players behind the game did not give up the game, the mentality to adjust to the best, and finally got the victory.Wang shanshan believes that the women’s football team can reach the finals also depends on the efforts of the coaching staff and all the players, and our goal is to win the championship.At the same time, in the domestic isolation of the Chinese men’s team, Li Xiaopeng Chen Xuyuan was exposed to big trouble.The reason is that the Chinese men’s football team played poorly in the two preliminary matches of the World Cup. The head coach Li Xiaopeng apologized for many times, which became a habit, but it would not be accepted by the fans. Many reporters also directed their anger at Chen Xuyuan.The women’s football team can beat the strong enemy Japan women’s football team, which shows that the Chinese men’s football team is still not strong enough, the coach did not arrange the tactics well.The South Korean media is paying attention to the “South Korea Women’s Football Asian Cup final” at the same time, also reported a news, the South Korean head coach of The Chinese Super League Hebei team Kim Jong-fu, is likely to replace the position of the coach Li Xiaopeng, because li Xiaopeng led the team’s poor performance, but also suffered a 3-1 defeat to Vietnam.In short, Li Xiaopeng took over the position of Li Tie’s coach, is to take the pot for Chen Xuyuan.But a lot of fans and football commentator think Jin Zhongfu is not the most suitable for led the Chinese men’s soccer team, and always change manager not much effect, China must establish a good youth system, people have the ability to understand football as the football association leader, for close to 30 years old team’s team thorough reshuffle.Getting players with technical potential into the national team is the key.