People, is so cold

2022-06-17 0 By

People, in trouble, can see around the people, who is sincere, who is hypocrisy.Those who had been eating and drinking vanished into thin air.Never abandon the mouth, a moment on a change of heart.People, in the lack of money, to understand the cruelty of reality.When you are rich, everyone follows you, when you are poor, everyone avoids you.Relatives and friends are afraid you borrow money, neighbors and colleagues give you Pointers.Even the family around you will blame you for your incompetence.People, deceived, to see the heart of the cool thin.You pay a heart, in return is hurt.You really get along with people, but it is disappoint.You trust people, they take advantage of you, and then you realize that not everyone is a good person.People, in the loss of time, to know how malicious people.You give in out of kindness, others think you bully, time and again worse.In the eyes of others, you compromise, is weak, you tolerate, is incompetent.People, when sick, to know how poor money.Friends, afraid that you do not return the loan, family, afraid that you are sick, hospital, afraid that you have no money to treat.By then you will know how important money is and how reliable you are.Only in old age do we know ourselves to be most reliable.In old age, the children have married, the friends have gone, the partner has gone.Only to take care of themselves, only to accompany themselves, alone, unaccompanied.People, is so cold, he saw true and false, good but no good, really but people live up to, sick no one to give money, old no one to take care of, slowly disappointed, gradually on the cold.So can only rely on their own, at any time only their own strong, to be fearless, at ease!