“The world 5” : Feng Huacheng and CAI Xiaoguang are cheating, why Zhou Rong can forgive Xiaoguang?

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“The World” this play, because the time span is long enough, vicissitudes of life, ups and downs.After watching the sigh.Zhou rong’s life, though not the most legendary in the play, has enough breadth and depth for readers to figure out.Zhou Rong is undoubtedly today’s outstanding students, learning god.Got full marks at school;The resumption of the college entrance examination is also easy to take Peking University;When he was living in France, he quickly learned French, and was able to conduct in-depth exchanges with local literature professors on the history of French literature and its representative works.Zhou Rong so good genes, but feng turned into pollution, gave birth to a daughter Feng Yue Yue, qualification is very general.I have to say it is a pity.That, of course, comes later.Zhou rong’s life path, like the other characters in the drama, is not smooth;My love life is rough, too.This article is about her two husbands.Her first husband was Feng Huacheng.A literary worker, a poet, a second-rate poet!Feng Huacheng was much older than Zhou Rong. Due to The Times and various political reasons, wen GE was sent to the mountainous area of Guizhou.High school has not graduated Zhou Rong, embracing the girl’s dream, love vision, of course, there are responses to the country’s call to go to the countryside, follow thousands of miles away from Guizhou.Here, they got married and had children, and lived a poor and happy life.After returning to Beijing, Feng Huacheng revealed his nature.He’s not a bad guy, but he’s definitely a philanderer.Poetry at that time is undoubtedly elegant, because it has been suppressed for too long, people have infinite yearning for the future, and poetry is the best carrier.Feng Huacheng is a poet, although he is second-rate, but he just stood in the wind.The wind is coming! He’s flying!So there is no shortage of literary young women behind him;Without exception, they talked about literature, and they ended up talking about bed.Feng Huacheng felt that he had been treated unfairly and had suffered a lot!In this way, he gives himself benefits and compensates himself.During Zhou Rong’s postgraduate studies, Feng Huacheng had no qualms about bringing these admirers to his home in Beijing.I should say there’s no respect for a fair-weather wife.Her second husband was CAI Xiaoguang.Zhou Rong’s childhood, is also a classmate.CAI Xiaoguang has always been zhou Rong’s admirer and pursuer.That never seems to change.CAI xiaoguang was a cadre’s son, and his father was later also affected by the movement, but of course was eventually rehabilitated.However, both parents have died, no brothers and sisters.So he has been very nice to the Zhou family;Especially after zhou Rong married, he put the zhou family everyone’s business, as their own thing to do.Zhou Rong followed Feng Huacheng to Guizhou to jump the queue, then took an examination of the university to Beijing, and then divorced back to Harbin, return has been more than 30, nearly 40 years.During this period CAI Xiaoguang has been unmarried!In his case, there was no shortage of suitors, but he remained single.Of course, the reasons are in many aspects, can not be said to be completely waiting for Zhou Rong;But because his heart did not put down Zhou Rong, no daughter he looked at, in fact, very good understanding.Like Zhou Rong this kind of talented and beautiful woman, originally can meet but not seek, is rare!As soon as Zhou rong returned, CAI Xiaoguang married her.After marriage everywhere tolerance, everything tolerance, gave Zhou Rong great comfort, is very happy.Because Yue Yue and Nannan puppy love, parents did not deal with the matter, Yue Yue angry ran back to Beijing to find his father, Feng Huacheng irresponsible yue Yue to France;Feng Turned into a political fugitive identity in the past, and to France, there is no legitimate livelihood.It can be seen that Feng Turned into a person, too romantic color, in politics, life are still relatively naive.No doubt he loves his daughter, but what father would take his daughter on the run?For daughter, Zhou Rong chase after France, all sorts of reasons, this stay is 12 years.During the 12 years, CAI had a total of four women.In particular, the head nurse of the second hospital.Why does CAI Xiaoguang like closing the bell most?Because Guan Ling understands CAI Guangming and Zhou Rong’s feelings!CAI Xiaoguang never cheated the confidante.In fact, as a director of CAI Xiaoguang, his side of the young beautiful woman, more than feng Huacheng behind the woman, but CAI Xiaoguang is not promiscuous.No matter what others believe, Mozi believes, the same split, but also to be honest.Isn’t there a famous saying, is there honor among thieves?What trades are divided into three, six, nine and so on, do not generalize.Later Zhou Rong return to China, CAI Xiaoguang cut off all dew love, and Zhou Rong depend on each other, living happier days than the gods.In the two pairs of CP, Feng Huacheng and Zhou Rong, Zhou Rong made great sacrifice, Feng Huacheng can not do the same, and ideas and practices, are some dirty, dirty;Between CAI Xiaoguang and Zhou Rong, frankly speaking, CAI Xiaoguang does not have much sorry zhou Rong place.In the first half of his life, he waited for more than ten years;The second half of life, but also took leave to foreign countries for more than ten years!There is no reason to ask CAI Xiaoguang to be an ascetic monk!