Two months down 30%, trillioninde era of market trends?

2022-06-17 0 By

Since 2022, the previously high-flying Ningde Era (300750.SZ) has suddenly disappeared and turned downward.By the end of the evening on February 11, Ningde Times closed at 489.99 yuan per share, down 5.43% on the day and nearly 200 yuan lower than the closing high of 688 yuan on December 2, 2021, with a cumulative decline of 28.78%. All this happened in just 25 trading days.Once the new energy carries the banner “ning King”, how will the future city?In 25 trading days, ningde Times’ stock price fell by nearly 30% and its market value shrank to 1.14 trillion Yuan. From the perspective of market trend, the policy shift in the first quarter of 2022 caused a certain disturbance to the future market growth of Ningde Times:Open years, monetary policy and fiscal policy are to the “steady growth”, especially the market interest rates downward trend obviously, LPR cut, two consecutive five-year LPR is the first time since April 2020, under the drive, in January 2022, is a nearly 4 trillion dollar credit, setting a new record.Under such a flood of capital, major investment and cyclical sectors have rebounded strongly, especially in infrastructure, advanced manufacturing, inclusive finance and other fields, and the real estate sector has also shown an obvious recovery trend.In such a policy market cycle, the early far beyond the market average level of new energy, medicine, digital consumption and other tracks have appeared obvious callback, the leading stock Ningde times “lead the fall” is also expected.At the beginning of the year, the market interest rate continued to decline, which was good for investment and infrastructure. From the perspective of its own value, the current correction of Ningde era is also a manifestation of the return of value to normal:In January, ningde age is beginning to decline, the market mechanism is a measure, ningde scroll in 2019 p/e ratio is below 40 times, and by early 2022, even after the partial callback) that figure has amounted to 135 times above, for the market mechanism, its upward profit space is very narrow, just a surge in 21 years in the round,No one wants to hear such a voice, and no one wants to believe that he is the last stick to beat the drum and spread flowers.In 2021, the price/earnings ratio of Ningde times has far exceeded the reasonable range. Looking forward to the future of new energy vehicles, the industry prosperity is still predictable:In January 2022, the deliveries of the three “Wei Xiaoli” reached 9,652 units (up 33.6% year on year), 12,922 units (up 115% year on year, exceeding 10,000 units for the fifth consecutive month), and 12,268 units (up 128.1% year on year, exceeding 10,000 units for the third consecutive month).Byd new energy is to hand over 93,168 vehicles in a month, an astonishing 361% year-on-year growth.The recognition and support of the market for new energy vehicles is the biggest source of confidence for the future industry chain.Compared with the whole vehicle manufacturing in the dogfight, the pattern of power battery supply is obviously much clearer – Although Ningde Times still faces many challengers, but more than 50% of the market share is the “King of Ningde”.The strong performance of the three “Wei Xiaoli” reflects the increasing acceptance of new energy vehicles. At the same time, the negative news of Ningde times also comes out from time to time:First, Xiaopeng reached cooperation with AvIC Lithium to gradually replace ningde’s supplier status. Then, there was a rumor in the market that The two sides of Ningde times were not in accord with Tesla in the negotiation, etc. (It is worth noting that on February 12, Ningde Times officially reported to the police for legal responsibility for a series of recent rumors).Power battery industry “one super strong” situation of ningde times is also the undercurrent surging.Although you are the industry leader, but the power battery industry still has a number of challengers such as China Aviation Lithium. In general, although the ningde era is still “falling”, but after the completion of value adjustment, “King of Ningde” is still in the future.