Year of the Tiger Spring Festival snow and ice Hi | zhengding: The Year of the Tiger snow and ice season enjoy the carnival

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The ancient city of Zhengding is decorated with lanterns and colorful flags.In the gray sun and downstairs, a snow scene reflected silver light, to the Spring Festival in the ancient city added a few beats.Outside the south gate, it is zhengding County ice and snow Carnival.Opening the fifth year, here attracts more and more people to play snow.Covering an area of more than 50,000 square meters, the theme park of the Winter Olympics has opened ski slopes, ski circles, flying saucers, snow tanks, snowmobiles and other events.In addition, a total of seven performances throughout the day sea lion show and clown magic to attract children’s love.Zhengding Ice and Snow Carnival.Great Wall network · Jiyun client reporter Li Liangliang photo “carnival ice and snow projects are really a lot of fun to play!”On February 2 (the second day of the first lunar month), Han Yixuan from Hantang Heya Primary School in Shijiazhuang played all the games. Despite the cold winter, she still had a slight sweat on her forehead.”My favorite sport is snow hockey. It’s similar to hockey, but playing in the snow is more physically demanding and requires more skill.”Panting Han Said that through personal experience, she can understand the Olympic athletes’ hard work.Shijiazhuang citizen Mr. Xu, a family of three, has come to the ice and snow carnival for the third time.”In the past, children came here mainly for entertainment.It’s winter Olympics year and we all wanted to experience skiing for ourselves.”Although the trails are not very long, Mr. Xu said, they are just what beginners need.”They’re better at it. They’ve had enough of it on the piste.I don’t skate very well, but watching them ‘fly in the snow’ makes me feel very happy!”Wife Ma Hongyan looked at her husband and son’s figure, a face of happiness.Zhengding Ice and Snow Carnival.The Great Wall network · Jizun client reporter Li Liangliang photo with Mr. Xu a happy comparison, from the Gaocheng Mr. Sun is in the “chicken fly dog jump” state.”I rented a snow ring and went skiing twice, but my child demanded to play on the roller.After rolling for a few minutes, the snowmobile opened up and he pulled us off again.”Talking about the experience just now, Mr. Sun has a helpless face.Sun Yiming, a second-grader, is an age that dogs hate.”I don’t have much of a chance to play at home during winter vacation except for homework, TV and mobile phones.There are so many projects here, I’m afraid I won’t be finished when I leave.”Sun gulped down a ham and decided to go to the snow tank project to experience the “steel Flood.””Our carnival has a total of 13 snow trucks, from the thickness to the degree of hardness are very particular about, enough to be comparable to some professional ski resorts.”Li Yingjie, operation manager of Zhengding Ice and Snow Carnival, said that after five consecutive years of operation, the carnival has developed into a high-quality brand of ice and snow sports in Zhengding County and even Shijiazhuang City.”In response to the goal of ‘300 million people on ice and snow’, in addition to the traditional ice and snow rides, the Carnival also opened primary snow trails this year, so that people can better feel the passion of the Winter Olympics and experience the charm of ice and snow while having fun.”Li yingjie said.The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author.The national Party media information public platform provides information dissemination services.ID: JRTT