During the Spring Festival, Bayannur consumer market “Tiger Tiger Alive”

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In the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger (From January 31 to February 6), the consumer market of Bayannur City was “tiger Tiger sheng Wei”, with the total consumption reaching 1.299 billion yuan, up 31.39% year on year.The consumer market will unleash its vitality on the premise of ensuring a safe and orderly environment.Among them, the consumption of goods reached 846 million yuan, up 22.32% year on year;Service consumption reached 452 million yuan, up 53.61% year on year.During the 2022 “Online Lunar New Year Festival” (January 10 ~ February 7), the city actively participated in the early deployment of various promotional activities to carry out hot, online retail sales to achieve 400 million yuan, a year-on-year growth of 20.78%.Each big electric business platform on the Spring Festival “not close” mode, promote consumer activity subject diversity, various forms of quality upgrading, “Spring Festival” online “freak show” special necessities, such as firecrackers will buy list of “good” create “hot spots” products, consumers share and enhancing the interactive experience, further release of kinetic energy consumption during the Spring Festival.During the “Online Lunar New Year Shopping Festival”, the physical online retail sales of Bayannur achieved 382 million yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 19.91%. The online shopping of Lunar New Year shopping became obvious.The online retail sales of food and health care, clothing, shoes and bags, and home decoration ranked the top three, respectively achieving 344 million yuan, 17 million yuan, and 800 million yuan.During the 2022 “Online Lunar New Year Shopping Festival”, the “Two-way running of Lunar New Year shopping” has become a feature.Liquor, nuts, tea and other traditional Gifts continue the “hot” trend, widely favored by consumers.Smart phones, skin care sets, sweeping robots and other products are full of “new” meaning, becoming a rising star of the New Year shopping, adding a New Year flavor to the festival.Local products sent from home, so that “local Spring Festival” people feel the “taste of home” zero distance.In addition, cultural and creative products are very popular, and online consumption such as national fashion blind boxes, Spring Festival couplets blessing bags, cultural and creative calendar is very popular.Online retail sales of products such as children’s Happy New Year clothes, year of the Tiger custom ornaments, Year of the Tiger limited building blocks, and Year of the Tiger masks grew rapidly.According to the top 10 best-selling physical items during the 2022 “Online New Year’s Goods Festival” in Zhuhai, roasted nuts, cooked meat, mutton and other items are popular among consumers.During the “Online Chinese New Year Festival” in 2022, the growth momentum of rural online retail continued to emerge, the online sale of agricultural products became prominent, and rural physical commodities accelerated upward, promoting rural prosperity and increasing farmers’ income.The online retail sales in rural areas of Zhuhai reached 37 million yuan, up 39.3% year on year.Among them, the rural physical online retail sales reached 29 million yuan, accounting for 77.01% of the rural online retail sales. The food and health industry became the main driving force of rural physical commodities.The online retail sales of rural services reached 0.09 billion yuan, accounting for 22.99 percent of the total.Non-grain food “, “vegetable basket”, “fruit plates” full price stability of agricultural products consumption amount of supply and demand two prosperous during the Spring Festival, zhuhai’s big business, wholesale markets for agricultural products, to strengthen the production and marketing docking, actively organize supply of goods, expanding agricultural products sales reserves, zhuhai rice noodle grain security is enough, fruits and vegetables supply and demand two prosperous, meat egg milk supply full price stability, in the peak season of consumption of agricultural products.During the “Online Chinese New Year Festival” in 2022, the online “Xingnong Special Market” was fully opened. The total online retail sales of agricultural products in Zhuhai reached 138 million yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 46.78%.Among them, livestock and poultry, nuts, grain and oil industries respectively achieved RMB 70 million, RMB 49 million and RMB 11 million, accounting for 50.6%, 35.7% and 7.74% of the total.In terms of categories, the selection of seasonal characteristics of agricultural products is bright, tea, nuts and other Spring Festival gift boxes sell well throughout the network, become high-quality explosive;At the same time, rice, pork, vegetables and other products are also popular.On the whole, during the Spring Festival, the supply of agricultural products in Zhuhai is orderly, with sufficient quantity and stable price, showing a booming trend of supply and demand.This Spring Festival, the city’s part of the industry staff stick to their posts, choose “local Spring Festival”, Spring Festival does not close, continuous service line, comprehensive upgrade of consumer experience, service consumption market scale rapidly expanded.During the Spring Festival, the city’s service-oriented online retail sales reached 0.07 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 61.35%.Among them, online catering online retail sales reached a total of 400 million yuan, up 55.85% year on year.The city’s Spring Festival special activities continue to develop, the tourism market picked up, “nearby” tourism has become a boom.During the Spring Festival, the city’s online tourism online retail sales reached 20 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 91.13%.The Spring Festival self-drive tour around the popular, focusing on rural leisure, folk culture and other themes of the near outing, parent-child tour demand is strong.Scenic spots around the country give priority to epidemic prevention and control, strictly implement the epidemic prevention requirements of “limited quantity, reservation and staggered peak”, improve service quality, enrich the supply of tourism products, and launch the Spring Festival special discount activities.During the Spring Festival, the overall popularity of the city’s traditional cultural attractions increased significantly compared with the same period last year. The online “cloud exhibition”, “cloud tourism” and “cloud activities” were also very lively.Source: Bayannur Daily Bayannur Daily all media reporter: Huang Jinglian editor: Chen Long