Evergrande football lost 8 billion, Xu Jiayin heroic words for the country hematopoietic!The net friend is in distress not laugh: full mouth run train

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Beijing time on February 20th, in the latest interview, guangzhou Evergrande boss Mr Xu said constant meeting continue to play football, will unswervingly for football, then, will be another way for Chinese football contribute more power, don’t know how you see that, can leave a message in the comments section below, and give your opinion,Let’s talk. Thank you.This week, Evergrande publicly released the salary plan for the new season, which surprised everyone, because the maximum salary was directly reduced to 600,000 yuan. You know, there are many players with a high salary of 10 million yuan in Evergrande, so will they stay?This has become the biggest question, in which Xu Jiayin said that he would unswervingly do a good job in the next step of the purpose of football, is to make a solid contribution to the development and rise of Chinese football.Mr Xu said that the next Evergrande soccer schools will be key as the cradle of Chinese football star, the guangzhou team will cradle platform, to get through from distraction to the club’s talent cultivation, grab from baby to do football, a batch of a batch of sending young talent to the first team, make left out a club and primary school self hematopoietic, benign circulation way,Contribute to Chinese football.From the current situation, Xu jiayin will use the 2000 echelon players to play the main force of the team to compete in the Chinese Super League, and use a younger group of players to compete in the Chinese Champions League.This clearly shows that Evergrande should take the path of youth in a uniform way, of course, the actual reason behind is that Evergrande has no money.According to the news disclosed by Red Star News, in the past seven years, guangzhou team’s loss was as high as 760,000 YUAN. From 2015 to 19, Guangzhou team’s net profit loss in 2015 to 19 was 952 million yuan, 812 million yuan, 986 million yuan, 1.829 billion yuan and 1.94 billion yuan respectively.In addition, the loss of 1 billion yuan at the time of listing is not taken into account in 2020 and 2021. The loss of Guangzhou Team has reached 7.6 billion yuan, and if the guarantee of 2020 and 2021 is included, it will reach 8 billion yuan.After losing money for 8 billion, the Chinese football association and preparing for the comprehensive cut the pay of all the players, Evergrande logical conclusion to achieve the team’s younger, in this way to save the cost of a huge, live, after all, is the most important thing, and Mr Xu such practices, there is no doubt that met with more friends.Many people said that this is good and bad, let you a person said, said for the country to raise the gentleman is you, now to the country hematopoietic or you.Evergrande football lost 8 billion, Xu Jiayin heroic words for the country hematopoietic!The net friend is in distress not laugh: full mouth run train