Police at two stations helped the passenger recover the lost mobile phone in just five minutes

2022-06-18 0 By

A woman who lost her mobile phone on the subway has been found in less than five minutes.At 18:30 on February 4, 2022, Tian Honglei, auxiliary police officer on duty at Wenchang Road station of Wuhan Metro Line 8, received help from Ms. Kong when he was on patrol.Ms. Kong said she was driving to Wenchang Road at the entrance of the street when she found her Xiaomi phone, worth 1,000 yuan, missing.Please help the police to find mobile phones, auxiliary police Tian Hong immediately report to the police on duty Li Bo.Ms li bo police quickly obtain monitoring found that hole over the phone to forget to take the phone on the seat, then to be picked up by a same car the other passengers, the passenger in luomahu station, li bo, according to the time of the time: “the passenger should not leave luomahu stand”, so the linkage luomahu station auxiliary police on duty immediately Wu Shengwei, help looking for passengers.According to the characteristics of the pick up phone in monitoring passengers Wu Shengwei looked around, and soon found a trace of the passenger, through the communication with passengers, and found him to be in pick up the phone, on my way home from the cell phone lost less than five minutes, at that moment, the owner hole’s cell phone rings, and on the other side also came the voice of ms hole anxious.Hearing that the mobile phone has been found, Ms Kong repeatedly thanked.After getting the phone back, Ms. Kong said with emotion: “Although the phone is not very valuable, it is very meaningful to me. It contains precious information about my family and friends over the years.”Then again to the two station civilian auxiliary police work seriously and responsible expressed heartfelt thanks.(Zhang Zuhua)