Valentine’s Day | Yan house with Zhen Aiyan bowl to express a little love

2022-06-18 0 By

Another valentine’s Day, in this festival full of love, The House of Yan uses the bowl of “Zhen” to express love and convey precious feelings.The expressions of love are different for everyone, but behind the different expressions lies the same sincerity.Yan Zhiwu zhen Ai-style Bowl Yan selects high-quality swiftlets’ nests from southeast Asian rainforests, and then goes through 49 procedures from raw materials to factory. Only the wool picking process needs many procedures.Professional selection personnel first pick, then by the quality inspector for full inspection, and finally by the on-site quality control personnel for re-inspection, layer upon layer, do not allow the existence of more than 0.2mm black spots, to ensure that the product to natural, pure, healthy state presented to consumers, let bird’s nest nourishing become a beautiful part of the daily.In the production process, zhen Ai bowl bird’s nest raw materials after soaking cleaning, pure hand-picked, low temperature cold air drying after pure bird’s nest, precise packaging feeding, only contains bird’s nest, rock sugar, purified water, without adding any additives, preservatives;Cooking at the same time, through the tens of thousands of times experiment and data adjustment, in the house of yan yan zhen love money bowl follow 121 ℃ high temperature sealing cooking, 1140 seconds fine production time, make the product to achieve commercial aseptic safety standards, bird’s nest, the active ingredient and nutrition preserved adequately, appear pure nutrition delicious, let consumer eat more comfortable, more at ease, plus red gold bowl of packaging, pure and fresh and elegant,Show me how much I love you.Swallows nourish their love with bird’s nest.Each bowl of bird’s nest contains no less than 3.7g, and only 3g carbohydrates per 100g bird’s nest, which is far lower than the national low sugar standard (according to the provisions of the national Food safety standard “GB 28050-2011 General Principles for Nutrition Labeling of Prepackage Food”,When the carbohydrate (sugar, lactose) in the food is less than or equal to 5g/100g (solid) or 5ml/100ml (liquid), the food can be called low-sugar food), which is really low in sugar, low in calorie and 0 fat. It can nourish women from the inside out to meet the daily needs of bird’s nest and glow with confidence and radiance.In the name of love, the swallow bears witness to the “Zhen” heart.On the valentine’s Day full of love, let the love of life shine again under the surprise collision with the house of Swallows zhen Ai-style bowl Swallows, care for every happy moment in daily life through nourishing company.