Want to buy a house in 2022?These four pieces of advice are very honest, after reading it, you will understand

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I am often asked if I can buy a house in 2022.As we all know, in 2021, the pattern of the whole real estate market has undergone a very big change, which has led to the current situation of falling house prices and unsold houses.It is because of these situations, now ready to buy a house or speculation of people stopped, so for 2022 can still buy a house?Here the author will first say a few of their own views, and then put forward a few personal suggestions.First of all, from the macro point of view, the whole real estate market has been stabilized. Both the mortgage interest rate drop and the liquidity problem in the market have been solved. It can be said that this series of easing policies have paved the way for the stabilization of the housing price.Secondly, although customs currency has been relaxed, the regulation of real estate has not been completely stopped. The main purpose is to reduce the excessive expansion of real estate developers and encourage the demand of ordinary people.Therefore, the author is very personally recognized in the future housing prices will be restored to the more normal price, that is, will be restored to the reasonable demand for housing.To this, the author gives everybody the following a few proposals, basically buy a house from everybody namely the consideration of each respect sets out!First piece of advice is to buy a house can full full as far as possible buy as far as possible, don’t choose loan, don’t assume that loans for decades can ease the burden, but in fact you to loan, you will find that for decades, you need to pay the interest is very much, can be said to be the principal of a times, and there is another risk, that is oneself once didn’t work,There may be mortgage delinquency, and in this case their house will be auctioned, so it is easy to lead to more than the gain!If you can’t buy a house in full, then in terms of down payment, can as much as possible down payment is more down payment, do not make less down payment, because more down payment, for their monthly payment will be greatly reduced, so you can also reduce some of the burden for yourself!The second piece of advice is that if you choose the loan, so the choice of fixed number of year longer as far as possible, because time is more and more long, the house will decline more and more, though the interest of loan 30 years down will be more than 20 years loans down interest rates, but you should know, 30 years, also of the month for each month can also be for the month to less than 20 years.So their monthly extra expenses will become less!The third suggestion is for the loan choice is equal to the amount of principal or equal to the amount of principal and interest good?The author personally suggested to choose equal principal and interest, equal principal and interest is the early than equal principal also have to monthly pressure is small, every month in addition to the monthly payment can maintain a better quality of life.However, for the strength of middle-aged buyers, if the monthly payment of a small proportion of family income, can choose to equal the principal.Did the 4th proposal save brushstroke money to want repayment ahead of schedule namely?Personally, it mainly depends on yourself. If you have a better investment channel, you can give priority to this investment channel. If not, it is ok to use it to pay back the loan.After all, if used to return the loan, it can also reduce the pressure of their monthly payments.All in all, 2022 will be the key to real estate steady progress a year, crackdown on property speculation, hoarding and other short-term speculation, make bridal chamber house prices return to rational price policy, reference price for secondary cooling, the regulation of dense is hope can be stable and healthy development of the real estate market, and more than this four Suggestions for people to buy a house is very important!