What are the advantages of mobile tour agent at present

2022-06-18 0 By

Domestic mobile game market rise, many friends have little universe within the mood.according to prepare money going to enter the field, but it will face another problem, that is what to do, a lot of game industry threshold is very high, very sharp for technical requirements, the most difficult to conquer or money for a lot of friends,To develop a good game need money can not imagine that simple, but I want to say to you is, field of vision has the focus, will naturally blind spots, domestic mobile game market rise first thought you want to get into this field entry is game development, do a game developers to make money, this is the focus of game developers is so profitable,But there’s also a blind spot, because most of my friends aren’t good developers, and they’re so focused on one thing that they ignore the rest of the game industry.There are many industries in the game field. If the threshold is low and the upper limit is high, the first one I recommend is game agency. Next, I will explain the benefits of game agency to you.One: the capital requirement is not high you can not enough money, enough money, of course, must be better, insufficient funds dry mixing agent, though less popular than the sole agent, but several team agent can also convenient novice small white transition, one of the most important, also said just now, is that the problem of funds, funds a solution can be up to eighty percent of the friends.Two: the upper limit is high game agent to make money upper limit is very high, if you are the exclusive agent of the better words can even with developers, the upper limit of the game agent is not lower than developers too much.3: it is simple the difficulty of the game agent is not particularly high, but for this aspect of the mind are certainly some, need enough effort, in addition to mind game agent in this industry, a big feature is that you tried, with the mind, chosen the right partner so your success rate is very high, it is also good for a lot of friends.