What kind of “world” makes such a “sniper”?

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Stepping on the thick snow, we boarded a mountain peak located in the changbai Mountain hinterland of the Songling Snow village, heaven and earth vast, all looking at the snow, the body of thousands of miles of frozen snow floating vast and majestic territory, really can feel the “Sniper” director’s feelings: can not wait for the snow can not shoot!Baishan city is located in the southeast of Jilin Province. It got its name because it is located in the hinterland of Changbai Mountain.The golden latitude zone of snow and ice at 42 degrees north latitude, the six-month long snow period, and the average snow cover of more than 1 meter make up the high snow and ice resources.The unique snow and ice resources have attracted many snow and ice themed films and TV dramas to shoot here.As early as 1960, the bayi Film Studio film Snowy Forest was also shot here, and the scene of “Outwitting Tiger Mountain” galloping on the snow has become a classic memory.(spring to pine Ridge) as the first national forest tourism area, the forest coverage rate of Baishan city is as high as 84.5%, the territory of mountains, undulating, valleys interlacing, peaks strange water beautiful trees strange valley deep hole different, sea of clouds, pines, wild green, the four seasons scenery alternate, each United States its beauty.Yalu River, Songhua River such as two green crystal jade inlaid in the forest, both the North scenery, and jiangnan style.(Yalu River Bigfoot Bay) green mountains hand in hand with white snow.Advantaged advantages, let baishan become the major cast favor of the “natural studio”.From the 1950s and 1960s, Changchun Film Studio, Beijing Film Studio, Bayi Film Studio and others used it as a location.”Snowy Forest”, “Five Golden flowers”, “Visitors on the Iceberg”, “Four Bao Linjiang”, “On the Cliff”, “sniper”, “the world” and other nearly 100 films and TV plays have been shot in Baishan city.Many beautiful southern scenery in these films and TV dramas are actually shot in Baishan City.(Valley scenic spot) in the “world” broadcast the day before, the reporter came to baishan city bright street Hunjiang power generation company old factory site.The world has been filmed in Changchun, Jilin and Baishan cities of Jilin Province since December 2020.Standing in the empty old factory area, thinking of the hot production and life scenes in those days, the feeling of time change arises spontaneously — “in the human fireworks, show moral and responsibility, in the joys and sorrows, expressing feelings and aspirations.”The rich historical and cultural heritage of Baishan and the development heritage of changbai Mountain’s agriculture, mining, forestry and other industries also constitute natural and cultural advantages for the development of film and television filming industry.(Laotudingziyunhai) Based on ecological resources to build film and television industry, at present, Baishan city is trying to build film and television industry service system.The industrial development goal of “one film and television base, one hundred high-quality locations, one thousand outstanding extras, and ten thousand stage props of The Times” was proposed.Policy documents such as “Coordination Mechanism of Film and Television Industry”, “Implementation Opinions on Promoting the Development of Film and television Industry” and “Preferential Policies for film and television Industry” are being worked out intensively.”Actively establish a film and television industry service platform.Through the way of association alliance, the amateur extras team is formed to provide human support for the shooting work at any time, and create the best ‘soft environment for shooting.'” Introduced by the relevant person in charge of the Propaganda Department of Baishan Municipal Party Committee.Source: Jilin Channel, People’s Daily app