Zibo economy did not decline, the heart is good as before, the nurse sister for the girl to do first aid

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If a city wants to develop well, in addition to the economic aspect, the quality of residents must be steadily improved. Zibo has recently begun to publicize “ordinary people’s benevolence”, which encourages ordinary people to do more benevolence and improve the quality of urban residents.Winter Olympics approaching, many friends have begun to carry out ice and snow sports, physically help the Winter Olympics, but in the process of sports, if you do not prepare activities or safety measures is very easy to accident.At about 13:00 on January 21, at the top of Mt. Catalpa, a middle school girl suddenly fainted to the ground with a convulsion, her face blue.Duan Chaoqun, a nurse from Zhangdian District People’s Hospital of Zibo city, rushed forward to help until 120 ambulances arrived at the scene.Nurse sister is worthy of the angel in white, human kindness yyDS!Disclaimer: Material from Zibo news network, if there is infringement please contact us, the contents of this article only represent the author’s personal views.