Chuangxiang Bay, guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao youth innovation base, has become a new online celebrity punch point

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On February 7, the first day of the start of the Year of the Tiger, Chuangxiang Bay in Nansha has already arranged a thick New Year atmosphere, property center staff dressed as the god of wealth, for the first day of work people prepared to start a surprise ingot, meaning the New Year bonanza.Thanks to its beautiful surrounding environment and unique architectural features, Chuangxiang Bay, which is positioned as a new platform for innovation, entrepreneurship and communication of the Hong Kong and Macao Youth Bay Area, has become a new online celebrity in Nansha. Especially during this Spring Festival, the magnificent light show has turned Chuangxiang Bay into a new scene for many citizens to express their love of Nansha on wechat moments.Guangdong youth exchange platform for new ChengXinJin clock point since 2020, officially changed its name to create the nansha water front square at bay, especially in July 2021, Hong Kong and Macao to the nansha Timetable green “base”, since the official opening and at bay, with its excellent geographical location and innovative business mode Settings, quickly became a major new platform, Hong Kong and Macao to the bay area’s leading youth exchange communication.Gen at bay, and undertake the nansha, attract Hong Kong and Macao, Hong Kong and Macao to promote youth exchanges fusion youth into the important role of the construction of the bay area, Hong Kong and Macao to give full play to the nansha comprehensive cooperation demonstration platform advantage, extensive link of high quality resources, guangdong province, Hong Kong and try to build a gulf of Hong Kong and Macao youth exchanges the communication of the new platform of choice for entrepreneurship, innovation, fully integrated into the national development.Chuangxiang Bay Youth Innovation Base can provide professional services for innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as vibrant space for leisure and culture for young people from Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao.At present,Gen at bay has advisory committee of guangzhou nansha guangdong cooperation service center, Timetable green base, xinhua Hong Kong and Macao international green center, impression, Macao, guangdong youth exchange promotion association of guangdong, guangzhou nansha district, Hong Kong and Macao to Hong Kong and Macao youth five music service centers and large bay area and the area along the “high-quality resources, Hong Kong and Macao to legal service agglomeration zone and so on.Since its opening on October 11, 2021, the Service Center of the Guangdong-Hong Kong Cooperation Advisory Committee in Nansha, Guangzhou, has attracted the first batch of 16 Hong Kong industrial and commercial professional associations, including the “One Country, Two Systems” Research Center and the Hong Kong Center of the Greater Bay Area, to join and become members, successfully building it into the first demonstration platform of substantive operation and gathering Hong Kong resources in the Mainland.The three Hong Kong Youth Innovation Bases in Chuangxiang Bay not only introduce the operation and management mode of Hong Kong-style youth innovation bases, but also cover a variety of young business formats such as Hong Kong boutique brand coffee, youth innovation co-office, high-end simple meals, public library and health management center.Two Macau youth innovation bases have introduced michelin-recommended restaurants, Li Jia CAI and Li Jia Yan, as well as the well-known earthen pot coffee in Macau.Accelerating the convergence of fountains, windmills, flowers, archways, giant yellow ducks…Under the ever-changing light, Chuangxiang Bay along the Jiaomen River becomes one of the most colorful places in Nansha during Spring Festival.When night falls and lights come on, chuangxiang Bay is flashing with neon lights. Various lights between buildings and the surrounding landscape reflect each other, and the city’s night scene is decorated with colorful lights.It is understood that chuangxiang Bay landscape lighting project has been fully completed before the festival, the project to culture, integration, art, science and technology, innovation as the theme, chuangxiang Bay to optimize and enhance the artistic atmosphere.Ascension and enjoy a night at bay lighting content, including through light on gen at bay bank line draw the outline of rendering to build harbor “” era, with the whole square as light carrier to build a” dream of Hong Kong and Macao entrance square “, into a large bay area of guangdong landmarks to build “colorful tunnel”, endowed with new connotation of the art makes “time tunnel”,Rainbow color as the tone of the work to create a GBA ART distinctive logo, highlighting chuangxiangwan Park to deepen the cooperation between Hong Kong and Macao elements.To display the vibrant image of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, to appreciate the urban features of different areas in the Bay Area, and to utilize local technologies of Nansha District and adopt real-time intelligent interactive means to enrich the industrial forms of the park.At the same time, select some important nodes in chuangxiang Bay area for symbolic and artistic lighting, add Hong Kong and Macao elements building signs, atmosphere layout, Hong Kong and Macao elements IP yellow duck, customize art works such as Nansha, Happy Windwheel, prospect, city Cloud Sang.Combined with the fountain and the existing lights in the park, the fountain light show is created to attract attention in the form of science and technology and interest, and to create an online celebrity punch point with distinctive elements of Hong Kong and Macao.With the continuous acceleration of chuangxiang Bay construction, in addition to the obvious improvement of lighting effect and other external environment, the content quality is also continuously strengthened, and the Hong Kong and Macao elements are accelerating convergence.(Photography: Qiu Bing, Li Ao) Editor: Jia Ting