How did the Chinese women’s football champion become?Henan nationality team member, river university graduate Lou Jiahui reveals secrets

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China won the Asian Women’s Cup for the first time in 16 years after coming back from 2-0 down to beat South Korea 3-2 in the Asian Women’s Cup final on Sunday night.Earlier in the semifinal, The Chinese women’s soccer team was not expected to come back strong against Japan, the final penalty shoot-out.”You can always trust The Chinese women’s football team,” netizens said while praising the team’s style.So why can Chinese women’s football always be trusted?How did the champion of Chinese women’s football team come into being?In the words of Lou Jiahui, a henan native female football player and a graduate student of Henan University, it is hard work day after day.In the Asian Cup semi-final against Japan, Lou Jiahui was stretchered off after suffering a recurrence of an old injury.When there were concerns about whether China would be without a strong player in the final, Lou Came back to the starting lineup to play in the final against South Korea and help the team win the gold medal.How did they train for IC PHOTO?In Lou Jiahui’s words: day after day hard work.”I practice two hours in the morning and two hours in the afternoon every day except Sunday.”Lou Jiahui introduced, the present glory is actually behind their day after day, year after year to adhere to, not afraid of hard work, the pursuit of Trinidad.It is reported that Lou Jiahui, a member of henan national team, entered the National Junior School at the age of 14, and entered the National Youth Team at the age of 15. In 2007, she participated in the intensive training of the National Junior School, national Youth team and national Team successively. In 2011, she was admitted to the sports training major of Henan University (football special), and in 2015, she was recommended to study for a master’s degree in physical education and training with excellent results.During her study, Lou Jiahui took part in the 5-a-side college women’s football match on behalf of Henan University for three consecutive times as the main player, and all of them entered the national top 4.Zhang Dachao, dean of the School of Physical Education of Henan University, introduced that Lou jiahui participated in various competitions on behalf of the school, Henan Province and the country through intensive professional training during her study in the college.On the one hand, we can learn cultural lessons in many ways.”What impressed me most about her was her sense of responsibility and her ability to stand up when things got tough in the game.””Lou’s achievement today is the result of her persistence and hard work,” said Zhao Zongyue, Lou’s postgraduate supervisor.It is reported that the College of Physical Education of Henan University was established in 1960, which is the earliest college of physical education in Henan Province.In 2018, Henan University set up an international Football Academy.Since its establishment, the institute of international football has involved in to undertake the national youth campus football summer camp in the third camp ncaa women’s (primary school), the national youth campus football pioneer (district) under review, to undertake the national college football college construction and development of high-level BBS, cooperate with construction of kaifeng national youth football “all over the sky star” training camp and the new campus football school,It provides a platform for students to develop and also expands the social influence of the college.