Jinjing office worker welfare!Suzhou Jinlong Haiyue custom fast bus is coming

2022-06-19 0 By

In recent days, repeated outbreaks of COVID-19 have occurred in many parts of the country, and the situation is grim.No matter transportation management departments or road passenger transport enterprises, they have not forgotten to explore during the special period, and have been practicing their “internal skills” in innovating travel modes and improving passenger experience.Take Beijing as an example, in order to provide users with more secure and convenient travel services, Beijing International Trade to Langfang Beisan county “customized express bus” has completed the opening preparations, batch suzhou Jinlong Haiyue KLQ6111Y express bus fleet will be opened according to the epidemic prevention and control situation!”Customized express bus” refers to a business mode in which road passenger transport enterprises carry out customized passenger transport services based on e-commerce platform on the basis of the original passenger transport lines.According to relevant statistics, the number of commuters around Beijing is about 400,000 every day, among which there are about 150,000-200,000 in the three northern counties.In the three northern counties, the proportion of cars entering Beijing is as high as 35.2%, and the proportion of cars transferring to subway is as high as 44.6%, which is 2.5 times that of the central city, resulting in frequent congestion in some sections of jingtong Expressways and Tongyan expressways in the east of Beijing.The opening of customized express bus not only facilitates the commuters who commute into Beijing from around Beijing, but also can better relieve the traffic pressure.It is estimated that customized express buses can improve the commuting time by more than 50% compared with buses and minibuses, reaching one hour.There are 3 “customized express bus” routes in the pilot period, which are from Beijing guomao Area (guomao for short) to Yanjiao, Guomao to Dachang and Guomao to Xianghe.The vehicle part adopts Suzhou Jinlong Haiyue KLQ6111Y big data intelligent bus, one person, each car carries 48 people.Haiyue inherits scania Hager’s excellent vehicle manufacturing concept, and makes use of big data to carefully polish the quality of gold power chain + gold meter + seiko. With the support of “appearance level” and a number of “black technologies”, haiyue can greatly improve passengers’ ride experience.It is understood that “customized express bus” smart security check is one of the highlights.The customized express bus takes the form of online reservation completely, and does not accept offline on-site purchase of tickets.The express bus is equipped with a vehicle-mounted face recognition system. Passengers’ ticket purchase information on the customized express bus platform and face recognition information when taking the bus can be transmitted in real time to the security system of the public security bureau in Beijing for remote verification. When arriving at the checkpoint, passengers no longer need to get off the bus one by one to verify their identity, making security inspection into Beijing more accurate and faster.At present, guomao to Yanjiao peak hour train interval 5-10 minutes, ticket 15 yuan per person each time;10-20 minutes interval between peak departures from Guomao to Xianghe and Guomao to Dachang;The ticket price is 16 yuan per person per trip. In addition to the elderly and children who are entitled to the preferential ticket price stipulated by the state, frequent passengers can also enjoy certain preferential ticket price.The customized express bus is about to start running. In the process of operation, the carrier will increase the number of vehicles and adjust the number of departures at any time, optimize the route layout and the loading and unloading points, and try its best to meet the needs of passengers according to the passenger flow and passengers’ commuting needs.Suzhou Golden Dragon will also ensure passengers’ safety and comfort with excellent product quality and perfect after-sales service.Edit: The commercial car world