Police dog Singh: The dog is trained to protect security

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Police dog file belongs to: Chengdu Jinniu public Security patrol battalion Name: Singer Age: 5 years old Breed: Springer specialty: search explosives, narcotics “5 years together, I am full of confidence in it.Now we are training intensively and doing our best to ensure security for the universiade.Chengdu Jinniu police patrol brigade dog trainer Liu Hongxing touched Singh’s head said.As if he understood, Mr Singh responded with two “barks”.Chengdu open air Music Park, which held the closing ceremony of the 31st Summer Universiade of Chengdu, and phoenix Mountain Sports Park basketball hall as the core venue are both located in the jurisdiction of Jinniu Public Security, so the security work is heavy and stressful.Singh as a bomb-sniffing dog, the “dog” to force.The city’s big competition won the fourth singer, from the Ministry of Public Security nanjing Police Dog Research Institute.It is liu hongxing’s first dog as a trainer. For a trainer, the first thing is to love a dog.He put a lot of heart and energy into Singh.When he was very young, he fed him by hand, played with him in his arms, and praised him by touching his head.This is also an important step in training a police dog and developing an affinity with its handler.Singer is unfamiliar with Liu hongxing, then familiar with him, and then glued to him.It also shows talent in skill training.Every day, the training is divided into two times in the morning and two times in the afternoon. Each training lasts for half an hour. It searches for all kinds of explosives from rooms, bags, walls, floors and other places.In the actual combat, Singh also performed well and was unanimously recognized.Police received a clue, in a express station may have a Courier package hidden inside suspicious items.The express station is a transfer station and the number of parcels is very large.After several rounds of police investigations failed to find the parcel, Singh stepped in when everyone thought there might be a wrong clue.When it smelled a package containing a carrier bag, it immediately lay down, with lying down to warn the way, the package has a problem.The policeman opened the package and took out the bag. At first nothing was wrong, singh sniffed the bag again and then lay down to warn him that there was a problem.After careful examination, the police found suspicious items in the interlayer of the handbag. Singh’s judgment was correct and he made a breakthrough.As a police dog, Singh is not nearly as big as labrador or equine breeds, but he is very brave when it comes to tasks.No matter how complex the environment, such as KTV, bars and other particularly noisy places, it is not scared, or show maladjustment, always can complete their own work.Of course, he has his temper. After training, when Liu hongxing tells him to go back to the kennel, he will stare at Liu, but will not move half a minute, which means “I haven’t played enough!”At this time, Liu hongxing will be through people to take back the dog as a “compensation.””If disobedience becomes a bad habit, I accompany him to the kennel to ‘make up’ for him.””Liu hongxing said.No matter how tough the tests that lie ahead, the duo of Liu hongxing and Singh will not flinch, as they have done in every mission before.Chengdu Daily · Jinguan news reporter He Liang video He Liang responsible editor He Qitie editor Liu Yonghao photo interviewees provide review permit statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with it in time.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com