The world to taste is reunion, more warmth in the guardian!China Telecom Guangdong Meizhou Pingyuan branch is not the same New Year’s Eve

2022-06-19 0 By

On the afternoon of January 31, The Pingyuan branch of China Telecom meizhou met the needs of the county government to provide communication services for epidemic prevention and control, requiring a hotel to open 5 gigabit broadband lines and 40 telephones as soon as possible.After receiving the task, China Telecom Pingyuan Branch immediately started the emergency plan, quickly respond to the assembled personnel, each performing their own duties.From laying optical cables, deploying optical cables, accepting services, laying cables onsite, commissioning equipment……The whole process in one go!To 23:40, all business opened and put into use!Telecom people, had an unusual New Year’s Eve!Communication guarantee personnel will be on site all night to ensure the unblocked communication, and build a solid joint prevention and control front with local governments and units at all levels to protect people’s lives and health.