“Authoritative release” awesome!These units and individuals were commended by xinyang Municipal people’s government

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Decision of Xinyang Municipal People’s Government on Commendation of advanced Units and Individuals in the application of the Demonstration City for the systematic and whole-region Promotion of Sponge City ConstructionIn 2021, the relevant departments at all levels of the city carefully studied and implemented the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech during his inspection of Henan to xinyang Old Revolutionary base Area, had the courage to take on responsibilities, and worked hard to be pragmatic, and vigorously promoted the construction of sponge city to achieve new results, laying a solid foundation for the realization of “two better”.In order to commend advanced, set up a typical, according to the “civil servant award provisions” and “Xinyang City administrative award provisions (trial)” and other relevant provisions, the municipal government executive meeting decided to study, 15 advanced units such as the city administration bureau, Comrade Gao Guangfu and other 22 advanced individuals to commend.I hope the units and individuals who are commended cherish the honor, carry forward their achievements, and make new achievements in the future work.All levels and departments of the city should thoroughly implement Xi Jinping thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in the New Era, consciously learn advanced, strive hard, forge ahead, solid work, to promote xinyang’s high-quality economic and social development, to achieve the “two better” to make new and greater contributions.List of advanced Units and Advanced individuals to apply for the demonstration city of sponge city construction in xinyang City on January 17, 2022. First, Collective second-class merit (3); Second, collective third-class merit (3); third, collective merit (3)The municipal housing and urban and rural construction bureau three, personal merit citation class ii (4) highlights the second level of city du xin, deputy director of city administration bureau researcher li xi-min, deputy director of the city’s water Section chief of the national administration of city water management barrier-free environment managed to create work advanced unit and a list of advanced individual, the collective merit citation class ii (2) district people’s governmentYin Jianping, Executive Deputy Secretary of The Working Committee of the Organs directly under the CPC Municipal Committee,Vice secretary of the communist party of China (hsin-hsien the county the original Yang bin District people’s government of quaternary research zhen-yu jiang Hsin-hsien disabled persons’ federation, chairman of the party secretary, xinyang air force incurred work advanced unit and a list of advanced individual, the collective merit citation class ii (3) the municipal education sports bureau, the recruitment of students test office Xinyang second senior middle school, the collective class (2) PingQiao area education sports bureauGuangshan county education sports bureau three, personal merit citation class ii (2) Xu Jilin The municipal education sports bureau party members work, contact municipal action yu-cheng wang City incurred ZhuanGan, xinyang vocational college admission examination office, deputy party secretary of the four, individual class (3) general department section chief Li Yuanwei Zhou Benbin city admission examination office Education sports bureau deputy director ming-sheng hu PingQiao areaGuangshan County Education and Sports Bureau Deputy Director five, individual commendations (6) Zeng Qinghui Pingqiao District Admissions and Examination Office recruit specialist Pan Yong Huaxin County Senior High School deputy principal Wang Keyou Xinyang Second Senior High School deputy principal Jin Ruixiang Luoshan County senior High School new campus recruit specialist Feng Tao Luoshan County senior High School old campus recruit specialist li ProvinceIn 2020, xinyang city strive for the work of bond funds advanced units and advanced individuals list one, collective second-class merit (2) Municipal Finance Bureau Municipal Development and Reform Commission two, individual second-class merit (3) Lei Qianhai City Finance Bureau deputy director Yu Jingjing City finance Bureau debt division deputy section chief Lu FeiMunicipal Development and Reform Commission fixed assets investment section chief three, personal third-class merit (1) Zhao Xuan for the municipal development and Reform Commission industrial section chief