China’s women’s Basketball team beat MaliThe fan spoke up a second time, this time telling the truth

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China’s women’s Basketball team beat MaliThe fan spoke up a second time, this time telling the truth.Netizens pointed out that the advantage of women’s basketball is the combination of inside and outside, which is also a sign of a strong team. I hope it will still work against strong European and American teams.Combination is said to rely on tactics have inside and outside linkage, we this is simply hanging inside, Li Yueru singles and outside throw three points, this is not called the combination of inside and outside.Look at our pick and roll center, who always gets down, never gets the ball handler to break through or shoot, what a combination of inside and outside, at best.So, it’s really not a good combination of inside and outside, but still want to play used this tactic, even down next to the big center, perform the pick-and-roll defender can reach the designated position, like liu wei will not break the criticism, will pass to yao, proved that other defenders are hard to pass to the center.Han Xu is now in a bad state, but still believe that women’s basketball, after all, this group of good seedlings or combat effectiveness.It’s true that there are so many mistakes in the team now, as there were in last night’s game. High mistakes are almost a tradition in women’s basketball.China women’s basketball team is in urgent need of a good guard, like Japan, if they can have that level, the World Cup will go further!This problem has been seen since the Olympics, but there is no one.Li Yuan has no attacking ability, Wang Siyu has attacking ability but her shooting is not very stable, and it is easy to go to the head, the relative best Yang Liwei is more than 30 years old, who can expect?The strong team Yang Liwei made too many mistakes. If Wang Siyu and Li Yuan did not get on, let Yang liwei organize, China could not even pass the half.Han Xu and Li Yueru are domestic super center, why Li Yueru play more than 30 minutes, Han Xu only on five minutes?How to say Han Xu in THE WNBA is also playing the main force, not to mention playing back-to-back Li Yueru play so long time is also very tired, this game several potential in the inevitable layup did not enter, defensive pace is also slow, obviously back-to-back can not be satisfied, why not han Xu?Zheng Wei coach these two games played very bad, not as good as xu Limin coach, kept shooting three points, defense is not much rotation, break through the line on the other side of the layup, no defense.The bigger problem is just like what you said, li Yue and Huang Sijing are the two inside players. We are not short of inside players. Han Xu and Gao Song can play longer, let alone play two weak teams.The pitch has always been about coming up and playing to win more time.For example, if you plan to spend five minutes, doing well in those five minutes will earn you more time later.With that last performance, we won’t get any more time in the next game.This is a professional game (and an international one), not team training.Offensive end Han Xu also does not enter the three second zone, may be the coach arrangement, she actually has the range, the cic is still stable.But it is not as good as Li Yueru looked at steadfast, can not say she has no ability, but it is true that the field performance did not play out.The basketball court or the performance of the court, paper does not mean!Let’s see next time, if Li Yueru has physical strength or foul trouble, maybe she can still have more time.Li Yueru first section up, hit the middle of the second section can not replace?Han Xu range is not so far, against the three-second zone a week cic, Han Xu is a bit like Zhou Qi, thin and tall, the strength is really not so strong, defense complement defense strengths.In the Olympics, he averaged two blocks per game, both of which were supplemental defense.Wook was a disaster, unable to defend and foul, unable to shoot 3s offensively and unable to counter.A lot of the defense around the basket doesn’t need to start, just stretch.She’s so tall, she can block a shot, but she likes to push people.Her strength is too poor, a little confrontation will lose the defensive position, and then the defensive habits are not good, can only push people or thugs, not at all, attack and all rely on hand feeling, a lot of shorter than her as long as a little strength can seriously interfere with her offensive shooting.Han Xu’s strength was not too good, so often lost rebounds, Sichuan and Inner Mongolia competition is also so.But Han Xu defense is not bad, Li Yueru and her matchup a little cheap did not occupy, she is also the league blocked shot king.Han Xu attack mainly rely on the near range jump shot is not enough strength, can not like Li Yueru as crowded to the basket, she and Zhou Qi style some similar.When Xu Limin teaches, Han Xu is very efficient, and Li Yueru is very complementary, so it depends on how the coach uses.Han Xu is not bad defense, is her strength is not enough, sometimes can not catch the other side.If she plays defense like this in the league, the referee is blind.How did she get away with this little stunt within a meter of the referee under the basket?It’s not that she can’t defend well, or that she doesn’t have a positive attitude, but she has a bad habit of blocking with her torso, not pushing with her hands, and she can’t use her forearms to generate power, because if she pushes with her forearms, she will be called for a foul immediately.Thank you for your attention to me all the time. 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