Forensic Science | Indian Girl: Asking for too much, but not sticking up

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Yangcheng Evening News all media reporter Lv Hang identification object: “Indian girl” release date: March 18 go to the cinema to see The Indian film, the magic of the soundtrack and singing and dancing will always let a person’s head pain, but they seem to lack what.Indian Girl used the popular label of “grassroots counter-attack + sports theme + bottom predicament”, but failed to build a sufficient frame to support the flesh and blood.As for the lack of singing and dancing, this regret is added to the groove.The film revolves around murugsan’s two passions (cricket and farming), which quickly divide into two main lines. On one side, murugsan struggles with reality and his daughter, Kersi, dreams of playing cricket. On the other side, Kersi struggles against obstacles in pursuing her dream.Women, rural areas, poverty, traditional concepts, caste system and other factors interweave together to show personal experience of counterattack, but at the same time, it breaks out of the stereotype that sports movies only show fighting spirit.At first glance, it looks like an advanced version of Dangal, but in reality it has bitten off more than it can chew.The first half of the story is a familiar formula for the impoverished father to push the gifted girl into the male domain, but it is the latter half that is both fascinating and problematic:With Chloe’s selection to the national training team, the film’s focus on real issues shifts abruptly from gender to class, caste and rural plight. On one hand, the national team is a class argument, the daughter of the chairman of the cricket association should be captain, and upper-caste girls have no problem getting promoted.On the other, her parents, affected by the drought, had to take out loans, sell land, and sell farm machinery to pay for Chloe’s expensive training.It can be seen that the director intends to use the film as a vehicle to tell the story of his personal growth experience and make a tour of various problems faced by the bottom society in India. It is not small ambition.However, in the first half of the film, gender discrimination, traditional concepts and other aspects are too strong, paving a little weak for the plight of agriculture and rural areas. In the second half of the film, gender issues are finally said goodbye, but the attention of caste, class differences and other aspects are distracted.Until the end of the film, the audience can understand that agriculture and rural areas are the real issues that the director cares most about.Most embarrassingly, the story ends with heroism saving the family: Chloe is rewarded with millions of rupees from the Indian government, while the agricultural and rural issues that eventually surface are forgotten.The whole movie is like a high open low go stock, light to see the introduction can seal god, look at the complete film but not too much impression.In addition, Indian Girl runs 145 minutes in the original version and only 120 minutes in the domestic theatrical version, cutting out all the song and dance scenes that are often a more direct means of conveying emotions in Indian films than the lines.Although Chinese audiences sometimes complain that Indian songs and dances are a headache, Indian films without songs and dances are like eating dumplings without vinegar, without soul.Without the song and dance scenes, the story, which focuses on different social issues, becomes a powerpoint presentation of personal growth, and the transformation of characters is stilted.Separately, the first and second halves of “An Indian Girl” are fine, but taken together, the film becomes a mechanical stack and collage of grand themes that ultimately make “An Indian Girl” empty.In the end, it is the director’s talent that cannot support his ambition.There’s no denying the fact that if we just look at Indian Girl as a sports-inspired movie, it’s pretty hot, and you’ll probably be moved to tears by the end of the movie when Chloe comes on to save the day and make her dream come true.Moving, thinking, for a sports inspirational film, in fact, it is enough.(for more news and information, please pay close attention to guangzhou send source | yangcheng evening news · Yang cheng sent coordinating editor | lili