How to create creative photo effects in PHOTOSHOP?

2022-06-20 0 By

Today we will share how to use PHOTOSHOP to create creative photo effects, simple and practical, remember to like and collect + follow oh!1. First open a photo or selfie with Photoshop, CTRL + J copy a layer.2. Drag another image, CTRL + T to scale it to the right size, and press Enter to confirm.3. Create a blank layer above it, select the Custom Shape Tool (U) on the left toolbar, and select Shape-Heart from the properties bar. Fill the layer with a color without stroke, and drag the mouse over the layer to create a heart of appropriate size.4. Double-click on the layer to bring up the layer Style dialog box. Select Stroke first, as shown in the figure.5. Select Projection. For the value of the attribute on the right, see the following.6. Click Blend again, set the fill opacity to 0, hollow – shallow, and confirm.7. The effect is shown in the figure.8. Duplicate several layers of the shape 1 layer and adjust the size.The final result is shown in the picture. Have you learned it?Follow me and share photoshop tips every day, and we’ll see you next time!