In Baise, 339 people and 753 people have been secretly investigated and investigated in two districts, two counties and one city

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On 4 February, debao County detected one positive person in the Novel Coronavirus nucleic acid test of the returnees.According to the investigation, the positive person received a negative nucleic acid test in another province on January 25 and drove back to his hometown for the holiday on January 26. His activity tracks included stopping at the service area of expressways, staying at hotels and dining parties along the way, involving many places and contacting a wide range of people.The case has been transferred to the designated hospital for isolation treatment.Debao county, Youjiang District, Tianyang District, Longlin County and Jingxi City (two districts, two counties and one city) have been affected by the epidemic.After the outbreak, the Party committees and governments of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Baise city and relevant counties (cities and districts) immediately activated the emergency response mechanism and set up joint headquarters at the district, city and county levels.The whole city quickly entered a state of war, and did not relax the implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures.First, all-out efforts should be made to transfer cases for treatment.As of 6 PM On February 6, 43 confirmed cases had been reported, including 37 in Debao County, 2 in Youjiang District, 1 in Tianyang District, 1 in Longlin County and 2 in Jingxi City.Baise has always put people’s health and life safety in the first place, and insisted on timely transfer and treatment of positive patients.As of 12 o ‘clock February 6, 43 cases had been transferred to jingxi Public Health emergency treatment center for isolation and treatment.Second, we need to quickly and accurately trace the source of flow regulation.The joint prevention and control mechanism was fully utilized, and the public security, public health, political and legal affairs, and big data departments were promptly organized to jointly trace the source of the epidemic. 335 dispatchers, 950 samplers and 25 ambulances from nine districts, cities and counties were mobilized overnight to Debao to quickly trace the movement of cases.All relevant counties (cities and districts) were organized to conduct comprehensive and in-depth screening of close and sub-close contacts and conduct nucleic acid tests.As of 12 o ‘clock on February 6, a total of 339 close contacts and 753 secondary close contacts have been checked, and control measures have been implemented as required.Key groups that are not within the jurisdiction of Baise city and found in the flow investigation should be timely pushed to prevent the spread and spread of the epidemic.As at 24:00 on 5 February, seven regional letters of assistance had been sent.Third, scientific delineation of control areas and implementation of nucleic acid testing.Based on the results of epidemiological surveillance, and on the basis of in-depth risk assessment, China has precisely and timely defined containment, control and prevention areas, taken prevention and control measures by category, and promptly conducted regional nucleic acid tests in containment, control and prevention areas to resolutely prevent the spread of the epidemic.As of 12 o ‘clock On February 6, 207,506 people had been sampled in the first round of nucleic acid testing in relevant counties (cities and districts), 207,321 of whom were negative, 98 of whom were positive in initial screening, and 87 of whom were to be retested.The second round of regional nucleic acid testing has begun in Debao county this morning.Fourth, strengthen social meeting control.Key areas in Debao County, Youjiang District, Tianyang District and Longlin County were closed and controlled, temporarily restricting entry and exit.Reporting and screening should be strengthened based on the movements of positive patients and their close contacts.From February 6, the implementation of traffic control within baise city, in principle, vehicles and people are not allowed to enter and leave, between the counties (cities, districts) within Baise city, between the counties (cities, districts) between the townships (towns), the counties (cities, districts), the townships (towns) within the strict implementation of personnel control, not necessary flow.According to the epidemiological investigation, the transmission chain of the current outbreak in Baise is generally clear, and the screening and control measures for those at risk are still in progress.Baise will continue to investigate and control the risk groups, treat patients well, further expand the screening scope, speed up risk screening, contain the spread of community, and strive to control the epidemic within a latent period.At present, the epidemic is still in the development stage and in the critical period of epidemic prevention and control. With the in-depth epidemiological investigation and multiple rounds of nucleic acid testing, there will be the possibility of new cases in the future.I hope you will take the initiative to fulfill your personal responsibility for prevention and control, and adhere to good hygiene practices such as wearing masks, washing hands frequently, and keeping a distance of one meter from each other.If you have fever, cough and other symptoms, do not contact others, and go to the fever clinic in time under the premise of personal protection.Mi-liu, He Bailin, Deng Junyang, CCTV News