“Spring Festival grass-roots” Spring Festival does not close yellow highway construction busy

2022-06-20 0 By

Jung an online, when news client – February 1, when people enjoy the Spring Festival the joy of New Year reunion, xinan river is located in the mountains in the south of anhui, yellow (mountain) thousand island (lake) high-speed chang source river bridge construction site, nearly 200 builders to meet the New Year the first ray of sunshine, have arrived in jobs, to fit the bridge construction technique of separation.In an instant, the originally quiet mountain suddenly showed a busy scene in full swing.Hanging basket separation construction, always someone guarding.In order not to affect the smooth erection of the box girder later, we actively respond to the arrangement of the project office, do not go home during the Spring Festival, to catch up with the construction period.”Huang Qian highway subgrade a standard project department party branch secretary Hou Qilong introduced, in order to successfully complete the changyuan River bridge construction tasks, they actively encourage workers in the post New Year.At the same time to do a good job of care, New Year’s Eve organized all the participating personnel to eat the dinner, to ensure that the overtime workers feel the warmth of home.Changyuan River Bridge, located in the Xin ‘an River basin, is one of the control projects of huangqian Expressway. The design is divided into two parts, with a span of 70+130+80m. The left and right main piers are 2# and 3# piers, and the main piers are double limb thin-walled piers, and the side piers are column piers.The main girder of the superstructure is prestressed concrete continuous box girder with single box and single chamber. The length of the closed section of the side span and middle span is 2m, and the length of the cast-in-place straight section of the side span is 3.9m.Set the main tower and side steps between the left and right, into a “mountain” shape layout.Anhui section of Huang-Qian Expressway is an important section of Yangtze River Delta integration, with a total length of 25.54 kilometers. It is an important part of National highway G4012 Liyang to Ningde expressway, and also a longitudinal link line in anhui Province’s “five vertical and ten horizontal” expressway network planning.The project is located in the mountainous area of southern Anhui. The bridge/tunnel ratio of the whole line is over 80%, which is the highest highway in Anhui province.As a transportation and tourism integration project, the Anhui section of Huang-Qiandao Highway connects huangshan mountain in Anhui province and Qiandao Lake in Zhejiang Province, which is also known as the “most beautiful highway”.The project is scheduled to be completed and open to traffic in 2022.(Reporter By Vivian Swinman)