Take warning!Zhangjiakou many people because of illegal operation, was seized

2022-06-20 0 By

Every safe journey needs the protection of both drivers and passengers. Whether you are driving home by yourself or taking passenger vehicles, safety is the nearest way home.To effectively eliminate the road traffic safety hazard, deal with Spring Festival travel peak, high-speed traffic police YangYuan brigade positive response to the parent work deployment, give full play to a camp often position consciousness, the initiative for, a targeted research illegal operation of the vehicle trajectory characteristics, period of time, and to fine, precise positioning, January 24, 27 January, February 5, on Feb. 7, on February 8,High speed traffic police Yangyuan brigade seized 5 consecutive illegal operation cases, has been handed over to yangyuan County transport management department, greatly cracked down on the black rental, carpooling charter and other serious illegal acts of arrogance.February 5 at 8 o ‘clock in the morning, the police on duty in the hua Slightly camp service area on duty to a minibus Jin B license minibus inspection, found that the driver looked nervous, attracted the attention of the police.The driver and the passenger were separated and questioned, and it was found that the passenger and the driver were not familiar with each other. The passenger claimed that the chartered bus of 300 yuan was from Yangyuan to Zhangjiakou, and there was money transaction in the car, which was suspected of illegal operation. The police helped to reverse the passenger, fixed the evidence on the spot, and handed over the evidence and the vehicle to Yangyuan County transportation management.High speed traffic police Yangyuan brigade to remind the majority of traffic participants to comply with traffic laws and regulations, not illegal operation, not carrying illegal operation vehicles, so civilized and safe travel.Source: Zhangjiakou highway traffic police