Triple team!Double team error!40 minutes on the pitch!Without Harden, Kyrie is Harden

2022-06-20 0 By

One of harden’s biggest criticisms is that he’s down in the clutch, that the team would flow better without him, that the team would play better without him.As a result, without Harden, Irving became the next Harden, and he also enjoyed harden’s double-team treatment. This time, no one really gave him a backstop, just free throws and turnovers again.In the game and the heat, OuWenQuan three total 4 only 9 points, 13 under his lead, the nets had 20 points behind, but Owen broke out the fourth quarter, single section 20 points, will catch up with 1 points, the results only 2 points, both from the free throw line in the last minute, key administering the misses, by lowry steals, directly terminate a chance to equalise.After the game, Irving was used for 40 minutes, finishing with 29 points, five rebounds and five assists on 10-of-22 shooting.It was the second straight game in which he was double-teamed in critical time. He was also triple-teamed in critical time in a loss to the Wizards, and he couldn’t even dribble the ball, though he could only pass to Thomas, who missed a 3-pointer, missed a game-winning shot and had a steal.At key points before doubled-teamed not Kevin durant is harden, Owen rarely doubled-teamed at some critical moments, 16 years tiebreak, because Michael Owen with James, let he finally administering can not jacked, it was able to let his level of achievement history Saturday, this directly soar the height of his career, made him even more proud.Now Irving is without James, durant is injured, Harden is forced to leave, the double team naturally falls on him, 40 minutes per game also falls on him, so it looks like Harden is gone, but Irving is also the next Harden, without teammates, he also collapsed.Irving will sit out the next four games against the Bucks and Raptors, limiting him to nine of the remaining 26.What if harden misses on the final drive?