Affected by the epidemic can not pay the mortgage on time how to do?The big Five responded

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Xinhua News Agency Beijing, April 7 (reporters Li Yanxia, Wu Yu)Affected by the epidemic can not pay the mortgage on time how to do?The industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC), Agricultural Bank of China (ABC), Bank of China (BOC), China Construction Bank (CCB) and Bank of Communications (BOCOM), the five state-owned commercial banks, responded exclusively to Xinhua News Agency reporters on July 7, saying that they can provide service support to individual housing loan customers affected by the epidemic, including postponing repayment time, extending loan terms and adjusting billing plans.Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) said it attaches great importance to the service of personal loan customers, and has provided deferred repayment service for personal loan customers affected by the epidemic.According to the Agricultural Bank of China, those who meet relevant conditions can enjoy the personal housing loan customer care policy if they request to postpone repayment time, reduce penalty interest rate and eliminate overdue credit investigation records due to the epidemic.Customers can directly contact the loan handling bank or account manager to consult relevant conditions and procedures.You can also call the customer service center of AGRICULTURAL Bank of China, and the customer service staff will collect the information and send it to the loan handling bank of the customer.Bank of China has issued a package of personal housing loan guarantee policies, including online repayment through mobile banking, extension of loan term, delay of principal and interest payment and preferential repayment period, and instructed its branches in Shanghai, Jilin and other key epidemic prevention and control areas to actively respond to customer demands, the bank said.We will implement policies and arrangements for those who have been hospitalized or quarantined due to COVID-19, those who have participated in epidemic prevention and control, and those who have temporarily lost their sources of income due to the epidemic, and continue to provide financial services to people’s livelihood affected by the epidemic.China Construction Bank (CCB) said that since the outbreak of COVID-19, it has issued relevant service policies for housing mortgage, consumer loan and other businesses, such as deferment of repayment during the epidemic, and has continued to this day.It mainly provides three types of services: one is short-term deferred repayment of up to 28 days, during which there is no collection and credit investigation is not affected;Second, adjust the billing plan. According to the epidemic situation in different regions, you can adjust the billing plan periodically, reduce the installment payment of the current period, and postpone the repayment of the reduced part to the next month;Three is to extend the loan overall term, postpone the due date, reduce installment repayment amount.According to BoCOM, since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, the mortgage customer bailout policy has been in place to allow a certain grace period for customers whose repayment ability is temporarily reduced as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak.The focus will be on health care workers, government workers and their spouses, confirmed patients, quarantined people, and workers in industries heavily affected by the epidemic.Customers can apply to the branch where the loan belongs, and all branches will review it according to the policies of the head office. For those who meet the requirements, a certain grace period will be granted.Are there many people applying for deferred mortgage payments?By the end of March, CCB said it had provided deferred payments for more than rmb430bn worth of mortgages for about 1m households.Since the beginning of this year, more than 1,150 households in Jilin, where the epidemic situation is severe, have been provided with deferred repayment services.Since the beginning of this year, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Jilin and other regions have been severely affected by the epidemic. The bank has received applications from some customers, and its branches have processed them in a timely manner in accordance with the current policy, the bank said.At present, the overall proportion is not high.At present, the overall quality of housing mortgage loan assets is stable and excellent, and the non-performing rate remains low.Will overdue loans affect credit records?Icbc said that during the delay period, customers will not be included in the list of defaulting customers, and will do a good job of credit investigation protection for customers and continue to strengthen customer services.CCB said it will implement credit investigation protection measures for customers affected by the epidemic and eligible for deferred repayment, and open a green channel to accept credit investigation objections to protect customers’ rights and interests.(Source: Xinhua)