Houhe Town, Neihuang County: Remembering revolutionary martyrs and inheriting the red spirit

2022-06-21 0 By

New media · Anyang news (Yang Xiaogang Dong Huabei) Qingming festival memory of the martyrs, call the spring breeze comfort loyal soul.On April 6, neihuang henan province back river town youth corps committee combined with education, history of the party organization back river town, the first to Yang Gu village junior high school the teachers and students of tears from the “mass graves, well sites, carry out” the revolutionary martyrs Inheriting the red spirit “commemorative activities, with the glorious tradition and the moving story of revolutionary martyrs, firm the ideal faith, red gene inheritance, carry forward the spirit of patriotism.All teachers and students stood in awe, and the national anthem was played solemnly in a solemn mood. We bowed in silence, paid tribute to the sleeping place of heroes and martyrs, presented flowers to the graves of heroes and martyrs, and expressed respect and mourning for the revolutionary martyrs.Source: France New Media · Go through the yellow