How does the dog dog get small dog?Don’t give up! There is a cure!

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The dog is small, this may be a lot of shovel excrement officer to never want the dog to suffer from the disease, as a very dangerous infectious disease, “small dog” can be said to make people terrified, suffering from this disease dog almost half foot into the jaws of death.However, as the dog’s only hope we can not give up, and “dog small” is not incurable.1. What is the disease of canine parvo?Canine parvovirus is an infectious disease caused by canine parvovirus. Puppies of 4 to 13 weeks of age are highly infected with the disease. At the same time, there are cases showing that adult dogs also have a chance of infection, but generally speaking, the symptoms of adult dogs are relatively mild, so the success rate of cure is also higher.Infection is mainly caused by digestive tract infection, such as the secretions of sick dogs or contaminated food, toys and even the environment may be infected by the virus.2, why dogs infected with canine parvo?Dog infection in addition to contact with other affected animals or not vaccinated, the following factors may also cause dog infection:1) insufficient immunity dogs in the body immunity or vaccine immune failure, if accidentally contact with sick dogs or items with parvovirus, parvovirus will invade the dog’s body, if the dog immunity underground, naturally unable to resist the virus.2) Parasites cause small if the dog has not done deworming, there is also the probability of parasitic infection leading to decreased resistance, vomiting and diarrhea symptoms.3. What are the common symptoms of dog infection?There are two main types of dog parvosis, namely myocarditis type and enteritis type, myocarditis type is rare, generally manifested as dyspnea, shortness and acute heart failure;Enteritis is more common and can cause vomiting and bloody diarrhea in dogs.1) Compared with enteritis type parvo, myocarditis type parvo develops faster. The virus will first attack the heart region of dogs, and dogs may have shortness of breath. If the virus is allowed to develop in the body, dogs will eventually die of heart failure.Transmission of myocarditis parvo to other animals is rare, and is only possible in puppies less than 8 weeks of age.2) Enteritis small dog infection is enteritis small, then may appear lethargy, anorexia, vomiting yellow water, diarrhea, high temperature symptoms.A day or two before the onset of the disease, the dog will have diarrhea, and the stool will gradually change from the beginning of yellow and gray to tomato sauce color, and the stool carries obvious blood mucus, smelly.Anorexia (lack of appetite) can lead to weakness, dehydration and electrolyte imbalance.Then someone asked, how to diagnose canine parvo?In fact, the method is very simple, shoveling officer can be tested at home, we only need to use parvovirus test paper.A treasure you can get a parvovirus, first dip in with cotton swabs taken some sickness dog vomit or stool (fresh), and then mix in small amounts of pure aqueous solution, with a dropper, from 3 to 5 drops solution drip into the test the reaction of the hole, wait for 5 minutes or so, the last such as C and T area in red line, it is positive the dog has been infected with the virus.4. What can we do for dogs?Because of the fierce momentum of parvovirus and high mortality rate, it is very low that the shovel officer does not go to the hospital to cure the dog at home. If he carelessly delays the best treatment time, the consequences are unimaginable.Therefore, once a suspected dog infection is detected, it should be the first time to seek medical treatment.At the same time, in daily prevention and post-illness management, we can also do some measures to minimize the impact of parvovirus.1) do a good job of dog parvovirus vaccine vaccination in time to dog vaccination, parvovirus vaccine produced in Our country is generally used in combination with other vaccines, so six or seven weak virus vaccine can be vaccinated, pet hospital can be vaccinated.2) Family disinfection disinfection although canine parvovirus will not attack the human body, but for the sake of health, we still want to clean the environment.Thoroughly disinfect your home with sodium hypochlorite bleach, paying special attention to the areas your dog comes into contact with, and disinfect your dog’s litter and supplies.Disinfect your dog’s utensils by boiling them for 20 minutes.If you have more than one dog in your home, isolate infected dogs and make sure other dogs have been vaccinated.If the dog has recovered, it is still possible to continue to detoxicate through feces and urine within half a year to a year, so the family sterilization and disinfection work can not stop.Picture: from the network, only for pet knowledge popular science text: pay attention to the pet, learn more pet raising knowledge