Qingtongxia traffic police: “control distance, bright tail, speed down” rain and snow weather safety driving

2022-06-21 0 By

Are you already on your way home on the last day of the Spring Festival holiday?For those of you returning home, watch out for massive snow on the way!!On February 6th, due to the continuous snowfall, some roads in Qingtongxia are frozen. Please reduce the speed, control the distance between vehicles and drive carefully when crossing the snow and ice road, so as to “slowly refuel, gently slow down and turn slowly”, so as to travel safely and civilly!.Ningxia Meteorological Station is expected: February 6 night to 7 in the morning, the region overcast with light snow;For the rest of the week, the weather will be mainly cloudy.During the Spring Festival holiday, the number of people driving home, short-distance parties, visiting relatives and friends, and self-driving travel increased. Affected by the closure of expressways, the pressure of national and provincial roads in Qingtongxia increased sharply.The arrival of snow brings adverse effects to return traffic, but do not worry about Qingtongxia traffic police for everyone to prepare holiday return tips to help you safely and smoothly go home.If the window fogs on the way, the wind can be adjusted to the mode of defogging, open the cold or warm wind, disperse the fog (note: the fog will be thicker at the beginning of the warm wind defogging, to choose a safe place to stop after the fog, to be clear vision before driving on the road);At the same time, attention should be paid to the rational use of lights, timely turn on the headlights, profiler lights and rear lights.◆ Rain and snow wet road, need to reduce the speed, increase the distance with the car, driving process to avoid rapid acceleration, brake, hit the direction;When going through curves, slow down in advance and play the direction slowly;In driving, try to reduce the back and forth parallel and overtaking, try to choose to follow the car, to avoid frequent operation to increase the probability of accidents.◆ Keep in mind the 9 words “pull over, evacuate, call the police” to prevent secondary accidents.If the vehicle has an accident or failure and cannot move, it is necessary to continue to turn on the lights and danger alarm flash, and place a warning sign at a distance greater than 150 meters behind the vehicle.If visibility is low, the distance can be further extended to 200 meters, so that the next car as soon as possible to avoid.The occupants of the vehicle should evacuate to safe areas in time, and call the police and wait.