The first two years of the year, year, year taste, childhood memory

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Annual lunar calendar is the season of relatives groom all with new wife ride a motorcycle or drive a car must go to her home three color ritual or more heart is full of little couple according to the home economy to our relatives as a child is a liner qishan county craftsman by hanging in front of the two bundles of the arm thickness cutting noodle YongBao paper neatly into oneA pillow shape with the moral of a piece of red paper expressed the thriving town forsaking a bundle of ten pillars yellow twist twist with about two or three straw bundle together if think that a few twist twist to bring inconvenience rigged up with a small bamboo basket whether relatives or reply is often several times a day on foot is often just ate a zones in the gu familyElbow platter aunt of flower and then go to eat a whistle face to noon is several relatives were invited to dinner at the home to go this time tend to be busy at relatives back a calculate a half-day kung fu should eat five or six meal but we can’t get fat oh happy Chinese New Year is a new clothes every day can have a few good also can earn a rare few Angle, one or twoYuan red envelopes that new money just to see to spend New Year season saved a liner in the xinhua dictionary, “a bundle of twist with affection light in our memory of the original is still no change now zones liner relatives and friends has become a box still appear in our list of New Year visit family and friends often new family ties as a liner long chewiness as twistThe memory of the knot concentric years remains constant