This elite American armaments were wiped out in a single night, because they were the foundation of juntong’s armed forces

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In July 1946, Chiang Kai-shek mobilized 15 full-form brigades of about 120,000 people to attack the liberated areas north of the Yangtze River and the border of Jiangsu and Anhui in a large scale, planning to “raze the liberated areas in the north of Jiangsu in two weeks”, and then take advantage of the situation to move north and occupy the whole east China.On the night of July 14, two regiments of the 83rd Division and more than 3000 people belonging to the mountain artillery battalion of the division were completely wiped out by night attack.On The 22nd, more than ten thousand soldiers of the 49th division were destroyed.On July 30, 3000 enemy soldiers were killed in the Haian blockade battle.Ten days later, 8,000 soldiers from three regiments stationed at Fort Lee were also killed.Bring the northern expedition period li mo ‘an decorate the enemy occupied area command is responsible for the front of the kuomintang blockade first appeasement commander li mo ‘an back-to-back losses of more than 30000 people, to comprehensive attack, have had to adjust the deployment, build transport hub haian centered blockade circle, want to stable new occupation, a second echelon 100000 crossing north and then continue to attack,The specific deployment is: the remainder of the BGF 49th Division and the 65th BGF 65th Division are deployed in hai ‘an and Rugao in the east;Reorganized 83rd division to defend the front of Taizhou and other places, traffic police 7, 11 brigades deployed in the middle of the blockade circle, (south) tongru (Gao) road dingyan, Linzi.Bring SuYu against li mo ‘an traffic police corps was selected as the target of central China field army commander SuYu watched the enemy troops dispersed, decided to repeat the myth of four four express, but the BGF 49 t, 83 t, and other department just blow, vigilance is very high, after think twice, decided to avoid the enemy front positions, directly inserted into the enemy behind, take the traffic police corps operation.Some people are worried about this battle plan, that: traffic police 7, 11 corps 7 brigade nearly 8000 people, and the United States equipment, known as the “pocket king army”;Our troops numbered only 30,000, and it would be very dangerous if we fought too long behind enemy lines and were easily surrounded by superior forces of the enemy.Bring about central China field army launched a counter-offensive night adowa “pocket” elite troops, SuYu have answers, think: the enemy blockade circle while bunkers, but after all is the old revolutionary base of our army, the masses consciousness is high, the support of the war enthusiasm is high also, facilitate our supplement, also can let the enemy into a “deaf” blind “, “time is difficult to grasp our movements.In addition, although the traffic police corps is well equipped, its predecessor was adapted from the “Loyalty and National Salvation Army” during the Anti-Japanese War. It is a secret service force controlled by juntong, not a regular force.After the victory of the War of Resistance against Japan, a large number of puppet troops were recruited, so the quality of the soldiers was low and their fighting capacity was not high.Proved SuYu judgment is very accurate, just one night on August 21, it can occupy the weir, Lin Zi, central China field army adowa main defenders, a total of five brigade of more than 5000 people, seized a large number of equipment material, and to push their invasion of ding dong Chen town, north of weir road link to cut off the nantong rugao, threat to the west of taizhou, yangzhou.▲ Su Yu command at the front ▲ capture a large number of enemy want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to read thousands of books broken waves