Xiangtan city in the next three days mainly rainy weather

2022-06-21 0 By

On February 9th, according to the latest meteorological data analysis of Xiangtan Meteorological Station, xiangtan city was affected by upper air fluctuation and cold air on the ground on the 9th, there was light rain or sleet in xiangtan city during the day, and the precipitation in the evening was suspended;Cloudy weather from 10th to 12th.Meteorological department reminded, pay attention to the rain (snow) weather on transportation, electricity, energy protection, communications, agriculture and forestry and urban operation and other industries;Pay attention to cold protection and heat preservation and heating with fire, electricity and gas safety.The specific forecast is as follows: 8 o ‘clock on the 9th ~ 8 o ‘clock on the 10th: light rain or sleet to cloudy day, north wind level 2 ~ 3, 0 ~ 3℃;8 o ‘clock on 10 ~ 8 o ‘clock on 11: cloudy with light rain, north wind force 2, 1 ~ 6℃;8 o ‘clock on 11 ~ 8 o ‘clock on 12: cloudy with light rain, north force 3, 3 ~ 6℃.