80-year-old professor eloped with his nanny, wife came to ask him to stay, husband: I have a home, but no family

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Some people on Zhihu asked, “What happened to those who save face?”There is an answer below: “in order to face, lost the lining, wronged a lifetime, to the last nothing.”In the hearts of many people, face is very important, sometimes do not hesitate to do with their own life, and later it will be found that the face of people who are very heavy, often live very miserable.Zhou Wenxiu, 75, a former professor, and her 80-year-old husband, Professor Yang, have both retired. She was helping their daughter take care of their children in Guangzhou when she received a call from relatives saying that Professor Yang had eloped with their nanny.What’s the catch?Reading their experiences may give you some inspiration.Zhou Wenxiu and her husband, Professor Yang, both former professors at a university in Changsha, have always been the envy of their relatives.Zhou wenxiu had been married before, but when her daughter was 2 months old, her ex-husband died unexpectedly, leaving her an orphan and widowed mother.The leader was concerned about her life, so she introduced Professor Yang to her. She had no affection for Professor Yang, and her mother was also opposed to the marriage. However, the leader could not save face, so she still agreed.After marriage, Zhou wenxiu gave birth to another daughter. The eldest daughter grew up and married to Guangzhou, while the younger daughter studied in the United States and settled down there. After the old couple retired, they lived a lonely life.Zhou Wenxiu is in charge of her husband’s pay card, but the food she does, her husband does not like to eat, he likes to eat delicious dishes, but Zhou Wenxiu does not love to eat heavy salt, also do not love to eat spicy, so that he is very uncomfortable.Although the eldest daughter is very filial and often calls her father, she has her own family. Professor Yang feels it is not convenient to visit her daughter’s home, and the younger daughter is rarely seen for several years because she is far away.After his eldest daughter had a child, Zhou Wenxiu went to Guangzhou to help take care of the child. He went home only a few times a year. Professor Yang felt very lonely, he felt that he had lived most of his life, making do with life.So he turned to a nanny, Fang Meihua, 49, to take care of him. Fang was diligent and cooked to Yang’s liking. She paid Him 2,000 yuan a month, which Yang thought was appropriate.At first, Zhou wenxiu didn’t think so much, thinking that it was ok to find a nanny so that her wife could be taken care of. Her husband often called her and asked her when she would come home.But she received a call from relatives, remind her to go home to see her husband, when she came home, her husband and nanny are gone, she knew that her husband took the nanny back home, relatives have known this matter, let Zhou Wenxiu face did not place.02 no temperature home, the old professor minutes do not want to stay Zhou Wenxiu took people to their hometown, sure enough to find her husband, nanny Fang Meihua was standing at the door.Seeing Zhou Wenxiu coming, Professor Yang did not panic at all, and confidently said: “I am not afraid of coming, I have a home, but no family, she does not care about me, my pay card was spent by her, she does not care about my life, I am very lonely.”Zhou wenxiu was very angry and accused her husband of being shameless and disgracing their children. If she went back early and drove the nanny away, she was willing to give the other side a chance.However, Professor Yang disagreed: “I won’t go back. I won’t be able to eat or live with you. It’s very comfortable here.The staff asked Professor Yang if he had a relationship with the nanny, and Professor Yang did not shy away: “Even if you think so, I can’t say it doesn’t matter, to be honest.”It seems that Professor Yang is very satisfied with his life. He does not want to go back to his wife. He has made the home very cozy.In order to save her husband, Zhou Wenxiu wanted to drive away the nanny, the nanny did not concede: “You have no right to drive me away, Professor Yang gave me wages, I do my own work, you have what evidence to say THAT I am not innocent?””If you’re all right?Why do you come to this place and can’t you live openly in Changsha?”Zhou Wenxiu angrily geological asked.The staff had already seen that Professor Yang did not want to continue the marriage, and zhou Wenxiu did not retain much meaning, they wanted their daughter to persuade their mother.The daughter called her mother and said, “Mom, you should let go. You should learn to love yourself well. You have to save face all your life.Zhou Wenxiu did not answer, tears fell down, her tears have grievance, for their own home, but also for their own life, most of my life to be strong, always want to make their life bright, but to old age, but live into the eyes of others joke.After seeing Aunt Zhou’s tears, many netizens also left messages to advise her.”You can’t bring back a person whose heart has changed. You can’t give professor Yang the life he wants. There’s no need to force him.”You take care of your grandson, but you neglect your wife. He doesn’t have much of a life and needs someone to take care of him. You’re away all the time, and he’s really lonely.As a couple, many people believe that a teenage couple, with older partners, will have less desire for affection, leaving only family responsibilities.In fact, some old people are not so, his emotional demand is still very big.Su Daqiang in the TV drama “All is well”, is not bent on getting married with little nanny CAI Genhua?He does not think the other party uses himself, but feels with Chae genhua is true love.Unlike a woman, an old man has the heart of a teenager until he dies. No matter how old he is, he needs to be cared for.He complains that his wife is not good at cooking, but he refuses to learn how to cook by himself. He complains that his wife does not accompany him, but he does not care about his wife’s hard work to take care of their grandchildren.When she was young, she was busy with work and family. When she was old, she had to take care of her grandchildren. As a result, her husband was left out in the cold and went to find a little nanny.From a bystander’s point of view, Aunt Zhou really has no need to insist. What she cares about is face, and she doesn’t want to be laughed at by her relatives and neighbors. But one has to live for oneself once.Let go, is to help, but also to untie themselves.After thinking for a night, Zhou Wenxiu also wanted to talk to her husband, but when she arrived at the door, she found that her husband had left again with a nanny. Appliances and articles were removed, leaving 2 quilts, which Zhou Wenxiu had bought.She angrily moved the quilt to the clearing, a fire lit, there is helpless, also sad.Zhou Wenxiu and her husband’s feelings, although not so much considerate and caring, but together for decades, there is still a concern, this concern, perhaps has been used to the family.Her husband has torn the family apart. It may hurt, but at least Zhou wenxiu can have a chance to re-evaluate her life and stop living for face.However, Professor Yang betrays his family and looks so handsome that no one knows what his future life will be like.One person said, “When you are over 70, you become capricious.”In fact, they are clear life, do not want to settle for life, while it is still too late to live a section of their own life.Right or wrong, no regrets.Give yourself a thumbs up!May we both spend the rest of our lives respecting and being honest with our loved ones.