Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra creates a top-of-the-line flagship experience

2022-06-22 0 By

The launch of Samsung’s Galaxy S series at the beginning of each year draws the attention of millions of users and digital enthusiasts, who are always looking for a glimpse of innovative mobile experiences from its flagship products at the start of the New Year.On February 9, 2022, Samsung Galaxy S22 series, the flagship product of the Year of the Tiger, arrived as scheduled. Its super product strength and new fashion design once again led the development direction of smart phones in the future.The Samsung Galaxy S22 series consists of three products, namely The Samsung Galaxy S22, Samsung Galaxy S22+ and Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. The three new products combine fashion design and cutting-edge technology to create a more efficient and convenient mobile experience for users.The top-of-the-line Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, in particular, is industry-leading on all fronts, setting a new standard for high-end flagship smartphones.Image has always been the advantage of Samsung Galaxy S series. In the past 12 years, Samsung has continued to lead the development direction of mobile image by virtue of Samsung’s complete industrial chain advantages and highly forward-looking creativity.In the new Galaxy S22 series, Samsung’s image performance is further enhanced, especially in the top-of-the-line Galaxy S22 Ultra, which is equipped with a new 108 megapixel sensor and uses Samsung’s more powerful and faster AI imaging system to easily shoot high-definition night scenes and videos.Taking mobile photography to a whole new level.Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra benefits from the new NPU, which allows the AI to take full advantage of the camera’s capabilities, especially in low light, to sharpen details and reduce noise.The ai-based auto focus super stable system and super HDR function make the shooting of mobile phones easier. Users can easily shoot high-quality images and achieve the shooting effect comparable to that of professional masters.The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra delivers a new, expanded nighttime solution and upgraded AI high-resolution technology that can easily handle up to four times more data, significantly improving the user experience.In addition, with more powerful AI technology, the Galaxy S22 Ultra can also automatically adjust the lens, recognize objects and scenes at night, and easily capture high-quality content with multi-frame compositing technology.The new Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is not only powerful and sophisticated, but also has improved durability across the board.Using the strongest armored aluminum material to date, the machine not only has excellent texture, but also durable, to provide consumers with better protection.Meanwhile, Corning Gorilla® Glass Victus®+ Glass is used on the front and back panels, making the Galaxy S22 Ultra the most rugged Samsung Galaxy S phone to date.S Pen has always been one of the most favored functions of Samsung users. It not only brings users touch control experience, but also significantly improves office efficiency.Now, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra has introduced the classic S Pen stylus design from the Galaxy Note series to make the phone experience jump again.The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra not only introduces the classic features of the S Pen, but also upgrades the experience from top to bottom.The improved coordinate prediction algorithm can predict the position of stroke more intelligently.The new “multi-point” algorithm can predict multiple coordinate paths at once, thus speeding up the response time.Because of this, the delay of the S Pen was reduced from 9 milliseconds to 2.8 milliseconds. Thanks to the ultra-low delay, the writing feel of the S Pen is smooth and natural.On the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, users can experience an easier hand-to-text function.Mobile phones can turn users’ handwritten notes into text, which not only makes it convenient for users to summarize and sort out the content, but also allows them to share it more quickly.At present, S Pen can support 88 language conversion, and the recognition rate is higher.With the addition of Pen shorthand and other functions, S Pen will bring users a more efficient and convenient use experience.The Galaxy S22 Ultra, the most powerful model Samsung has ever built, combines the flagship image power of the Galaxy S series with the productivity of the Galaxy Note series.The Galaxy S22 Ultra deserves to be the flagship smartphone in the current smartphone market.