The goddesses loved him!Lin Qingxia, Maggie Cheung, Chung Chuhong, count Leslie cheung’s 7 confidants

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On April Fool’s Day 2003, the world lost Leslie Cheung.Memories can not drive away the lonely clear feeling of lost bright star, only brother Cheung Guorong and play inside play outside the sweet bosom friend can comfort one or two.Pass through Zhang Guorong and the modelling of boudoir honey in a few circles, we still can see the subtle tacit understanding that good friend is wearing to take.Anita Mui has many good friends in the entertainment industry for many years. He has become a faithful friend with many female partners, Anita Mui is one of them.Leslie cheung and Anita Mui met in the 1984 film Fate and later collaborated in Accidental. Their most classic work is surely Rouge.As for her relationship with them, Anita Mui described them as family, and cheung would feel at ease after seeing her boyfriend.Leslie Cheung once revealed in an interview that every time he went out to work with Anita Mui, he would put Anita mui to sleep first and then he would go back to his bedroom to have a rest.The fact is that their performances on stage are also divine, their styling is equally unconventional and heroic.Leslie Cheung and Anita Mui have similar artistic energy in their black and white style.When Maggie Cheung talks about Leslie cheung’s confidante, Maggie Cheung must be on the list.In an interview, Maggie Cheung revealed that she did not have many friends in the entertainment circle, and they were Tony Leung ka-fai, Chung Chu-hung and Leslie Cheung.It is said that maggie Cheung and Chung Chuhong had a rift, or Leslie Cheung acted as a mediator.Leslie cheung and Maggie Cheung, friends in front of the camera of the classic can not be counted is “Days of Wild”.”April 16, 1960, at three o ‘clock in the afternoon, we were together, we were friends for a minute.””Said Leslie Cheung, wearing shirts and travel bags as Alfy, and Maggie Cheung, sporting ’60s haircuts as Su Lizhen.Leslie cheung and Maggie Cheung can become bosom friends not just because they share the same surname.Maggie Cheung was only 20 years old when she shot Fate. Growing up in The UK, she met Leslie Cheung, who had studied in The UK, in strange Hong Kong and felt a natural affinity.They play a couple in the show, with the woman in her 20s and the man not yet in his 30s.Six more movies and a TV series followed.The two Cheung stars became bosom friends with no surnames, but Cheung said it seemed to be related to a month.Not April, April is the month when Alfy and Su Lizhen became friends, it is September, Leslie and Maggie cheung were born in September.Leslie said that since they are all Virgos, he knows how Maggie cheung feels, and if they become lovers they will know how to spoil her and love her.As a result, the two Virgos do not become a couple, but they are made for each other physically.The two fashion ICONS were equally dashing in the broad suits that were so popular in the 80’s.Unlike Anita Mui and Maggie Cheung, Leslie cheung is younger than Brigitte.The two first met on film when Brigitte was 38 and Leslie was 36.It is said that Leslie cheung to “sister” call Lin Qingxia, Lin Qingxia with “brother” in return, this is Leslie Cheung as everyone “brother” origin.The two-year age difference doesn’t prevent them from dating, and the Bride with White Hair doesn’t make them feel at odds with each other.But when Lin Qingxia offload play costume ponytail wear jade necklace, will highlight Leslie little brother puerile.A pair of opposite sex can become good friends, there must be a lot of trust.In a water hug scene in The Witch with White Hair, Brigitte didn’t mind cheung groping in the water.Leslie cheung is not only a gentleman, but also considerate of people around him.Some time Lin Qingxia work cry, Leslie cheung to her shoulder patted, the depth of friendship in silent.When two people happen to coincide with wear the same color when modelling, more show different tacit understanding.Another confidante of Leslie Cheung is The “Marilyn Of Hong Kong” chung.Leslie cheung has worked with numerous actresses, but he once said that if he were the director, the leading actress would be Chung chuhong.Leslie cheung says Chung has flaws and mistakes in her acting, but because she is beautiful, others will forgive her.Having a good partner who is so considerate and appreciative of herself, Zhong Chuhong also silently put each other in her heart after Leslie cheung passed away.When Yuen Wing-yee and Leslie Cheung worked together for the first time, they named Leslie As the “millennium veteran”!With brother cooperation, and then the spirit of yuan Yongyi will only be nervous to NG.However, Leslie treated his younger generation but extremely tolerant and considerate, so that the already iron fan Yuen Wing – yee moved to speechless.If Leslie Cheung and Maggie Cheung’s CP is young, and Chung Chuhong is the princess prince fairy tale, he and Yuen Wing yee should be a crossover match.Just like the dialogue in Golden Branches and Jade Leaves, their love in the play knows no gender boundaries, and the neutral style with short hair and hoodies together will remain in the hearts of fans forever.Cheung met Gong Li in 1993’s Farewell My Concubine, and they were reunited three years later on the set of Wind Moon.Since then, photos have been circulating of the couple kissing at public events, smiling freely.Gong Li, a girl from Shandong province, has always been heroic, but she does not take the initiative to show intimacy with the opposite sex.Through the expression of the two in the photo, we can see that their friendship is by no means general.The two went to the Cannes Film Festival together twice. After Leslie’s death, Gong li said she would always think of the good times when they went shopping together.And they in black and white modeling overseas glory moment, in the hearts of fans is eternal.Cheung kwok Wing’s confidante, but also can not be less.Leslie cheung and Sun-kwan MAO were lovers in their early years, and they only needed a nod from the woman to enter the church.Although two people eventually break up, become lifelong bosom friend however.After many years, two people co-starred in “Happy Family”, as an unusual image of the couple, a pair of round people still dazzling.Leslie Cheung’s mid-ear hair and beard, and Sun Yun MAO’s hat are all artists.From lover into boudoir, that strong tacit understanding, across the screen can feel.