Agricultural bank id expired can be updated on the phone?

2022-06-23 0 By

Agricultural bank id expired can be updated on the phone.The specific process of updating id card on mobile phone is as follows: Download and log in their own agricultural Bank palm bank;Click my – click the account name in turn, click the account name to enter the – information and Settings page, then click my information – certificate expiration date, click update certificate information;Then according to the prompt to upload not expired certificate information photo, and then according to the prompt to complete face authentication.Finally, drag it to the bottom and click Finish.If updating on mobile phones does not work, customers can also go to the artificial counter, take their valid ID card to the agricultural Bank of China branch counter, fill in the business application form at the counter, wait in line for the number, let the bank staff to help operate and update.Bank branches also have self-service machines to help customers renew their ID cards and other services.