“Glory of the Special War” premieres tonight, “now occasionally ceiling” can play the steel of the “king of war”

2022-06-23 0 By

After two years of waiting for the military drama “Glory of The Special Battle”, tonight will finally premiere all over the Internet!Many people must be excited and impatient at the news of this film’s premiere.Starring Yang Yang and Li Yitong, can they handle this military movie?Read the netizen’s comments on this play, was blown up, to tell the truth, this play from the green to now has more than 2 years, in order to preheat, overwhelming, fanning advertising for 2 years, in fact, really no need.The trailer has already received more than 110 million on-demand views and hundreds of thousands of likes on a single platform before the show is released.A play is not popular, depends on the quality and word of mouth, not long ago, a “world”, before the start, without too much publicity, but no one had thought, this play was finally so popular.Lower your posture. At least it’s more acceptable to hold down and raise than to hold back.It is not a personal lack of confidence in the military genre.Some people say that “Descendants of the Sun” after watching other military drama, throughout the military drama in recent years, has been to a “only flow, no word of mouth” cycle, production level dropped again and again, let a person is really can not go down.Such as the “fall in love with the special” Huang Jingyu, finally, after ratings increasingly increment, and how many people can stick to see the finale, eventually douban score, only 4.2 points, because Huang Jingyu performance in the play, play outside net friends lambasting: “play love wearing army of idol drama”, defiled soldiers and doctors two sacred profession!The cable forces, starring recently shaw war although better than “fall in love with the special” clear, weaken the many feelings by drama director, but do you think the span of the conversion time and space, and from time to time to show the battlefield and training scenario, see-saw between lens and lens stereo feeling and the sense of reality, can avoid the same problem?The core of military dramas is to reflect the quality of soldiers. They are not afraid of hardship, courage, fortitude and sacrifice, so as to defend the country, fight for collective honor and defend the border areas. This is the real mission of soldiers, rather than falling in love while fighting.”Now accidentally ceiling” can play the “king of war”?In the eyes of fans, Yang Yang is known as the “ceiling of idol” in recent years. In 2021, with the success of “You are My Glory”, Yang Yang is really excellent in idol dramas. Some people believe that if Yang Yang does not play idol dramas, it is simply a loss of the audience.However, if such an excellent actor always stays within his comfort zone and does not try new roles, no matter how high his appearance level is, the audience will always get aesthetic fatigue if he plays the same work and role for a long time.On the other hand, the audience is not on behalf of acting and strength, but should maintain a low-key attitude, recently Ren Jialun because of the “shark fake muscle clothes” image, was directly sprayed by the netizens “hot eyes”, and some time ago Li Yifeng in “Mirror · Twin Cities”, “scene overturned”, by the netizens unable to ridicule.Therefore, for the current domestic drama, especially the ancient puppet drama, the higher the boast, the louder the face in the end!The same is true of military films. In many cases, the whole drama is brought down by someone.As for tying Li Yitong, really is a new flowers in the strength strong, however, general Japanese military play few scenes, but personally, military actually don’t Japanese better, like the soldiers surprise “, didn’t she, have become a classic works, explain, not don’t like Li Yitong, it’s a comfortable military piece!Why the army drama must add emotional love dog blood plot?I hope that this special Battle Glory can skillfully handle the relationship between the male and female protagonists, and not become the dominant one. I hope that the special Battle Glory will become a school of its own!Looking forward to the image of Yang Yang, showing a new story of the growth of contemporary Chinese armed police special combat team members!Glory of the Special Wars premieres tonight. Are you ready?Let’s wait and see!