Good news!The first freight train between Kashgar and Linyi officially started operation

2022-06-23 0 By

Kashgar in March is full of flowers and willows.On March 25, 10 58 minutes, as the formal start of instructions, shandong xinjiang xinjiang railway freight trains outside lu “business warehouse flow integration project kashgar to linyi freight trains formal operation, the first 50 cars loaded with more than 1600 tons of agricultural products, industrial products, minerals, etc., from xinjiang kashi railway station, 4700 kilometers to the linyi baoge zhu railway station.With the advantage of Linyi as the national logistics capital, goods from Kashgar are quickly distributed to Jinan, Qingdao, Zibo and other cities in Shandong province, as well as east China regions such as Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai.The shipment of this freight train marks the official launch of the integration project of “Business warehouse Flow” for freight trains of Shandong Yuanjiang Railway, creating the first freight train to open in southern Xinjiang.As the first railway freight train opened in southern Xinjiang, it is a great event for Shandong to help Xinjiang expand business channels and promote the high-quality development of Kashgar’s economy and society. It is also a great event for Xinjiang and Shandong to build a new platform for business cooperation and promote economic and cultural exchanges and ethnic unity.Will be conducive to the kashgar, build “introduction: inline, west, west to east”, the railway logistics channel will be conducive to the linyi chang lian building inside and outside of the three-dimensional traffic, is advantageous to the realization of xinjiang agricultural and sideline products by linyi fast and flexible, radiation national logistics system, to the eastern coastal provinces trade increment, expand exports southeast Asia, Japan, South Korea’s trade channels.After the departure of kashgar and Linyi railway freight trains, it will further lengthen and strengthen the trade and logistics industry chain, create an operation mode of “trade, warehousing and logistics integration”, and build a new development pattern of linkage of domestic trade and foreign trade and high-level integration into the “double cycle”.Linyi city actively integrates into the national western development strategy, innovates the model of xinjiang aid, and plans industrial cooperation and project layout with high position positioning.River bank Mongolia trading group, kashgar trading company as a local government directly under the state-owned enterprises, have set up a joint meet the supply chain co., LTD., in xinjiang in the correct leadership of the party committee, government, under the support of wang group, working in shandong province xinjiang headquarters, river bank Mongolia chamber of commerce in xinjiang, driven by relying on the strength, elaborate organization, strict enforcement of epidemic prevention and control measures,Make the train operation plan in advance.River bank Mongolia trading group as the principal part of the project since its launch in October 2020 of more than 500 night, remember the mission in state-owned enterprises, performance of the state-owned enterprises bear, was established in April 2021, advance team work, actively coordinate relevant departments, many times to carry out the research preparatory work, contribute to both delegation visits 20 times, twice for wang group report,It plays the leading role of state-owned enterprises in traction, and provides a strong guarantee for the smooth operation of the first freight train from Kashgar to Linyi.It is reported that the freight train mainly carries cotton meal, cloth, red dates, flour, rubber yacht, rubber powder, boron ore, iron powder and other kashi agricultural products, commodities, minerals, involving Shule County, Yuepuhu County, Yecheng County, Bachu county and other 7 counties and cities of 10 enterprises products.The train from Kashgar is expected to arrive in Linyi, Shandong in five days.The opening of the special train reflects the advantages of lower cost of railway transportation and greater volume of transport, so that many enterprises in Kashgar really enjoy preferential treatment.In the next step, Kashgar and Linyi will further promote the regular operation of train trains, and plan to open one train every week, and increase the frequency of train trains depending on the situation after the conditions are further mature. It is expected to send 320,000 tons of goods annually, which will bring about 2 billion yuan of trade volume for the two places.Xinjiang river bank Mongolia chamber of commerce says secretary-general Huan day, by both rail freight trains after the split, will further expand the kashgar linyi two trade channels, will be based on the dual railway logistics, main business of the business, supply chain finance as the auxiliary, plans to invest 400 million yuan, in kashgar construction “linyi asia-europe border trade in goods procurement center”,In linyi “eastern kashi products trade distribution center”, gradually establish a “business, warehouse, flow and financial supply chain” mutual fusion and common development of whole industry chain business logistics, a comprehensive system to promote the modern supply chain and the agriculture, industry, commerce and other integration innovation, booster kashgar, linyi high quality in both economic and social development.