He posted his cell phone number on the coronavirus insurance bulletin

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Picture: Sam’s club store Qingpu store e-commerce vice president Tao Weimin and colleagues set up an emergency team to interview objects for the picture (the same below) ‍‍ Xinmin Evening News (reporter Zhang Yuyun) These two days, Liu Jun’s wechat more than 100 new friends, there are twenty or thirty groups.Because in the material security information issued by relevant departments in Qingpu District, the contact number of Sam’s Club is a mobile phone number, and Liu Jun is the owner of this number.He is the deputy general manager of the fresh food department at Sam’s Club’s Qingpu store in Shanghai. When leaving his phone number, he wrote down his personal mobile phone number instead of the store’s landline.”It’s not easy to miss a call,” he said. “And it’s convenient to add my wechat directly to help more people.”After the information sends out, the number of Liu Jun became “citizen hot line”.The farthest call came from Pudong, nearly 40 kilometers away.Reporters want to telephone interview him, but a direct dial can not go in, hit in after speaking for a few minutes, and there is a new phone in the prompt sound.”Finally got in touch with the organization.” “You have no idea how excited I was when you texted me back.” “Thank you so much.Even if the mobile phone hit hot, but to hear the citizens of the discourse, to see their wechat, Liu Jun only kept introducing, explaining and coordination.He’s not fighting alone, he’s standing shoulder to shoulder with his team.Due to the severity of the epidemic, some warehouses in Shanghai were temporarily closed, and some orders were transferred to the warehouses of Qingpu Sam e-commerce department.Tao Weimin, vice president of e-commerce at Sam’s Club qingpu branch, and his colleagues set up an emergency team. About 70 people worked almost non-stop for two days, carrying down orders that had increased several times.Waiting for delivery of the community, some 50 kilometers away from the store.”They came to us in different ways, hoping to deliver food to their community, first in the neighborhood of a few kilometers, but then it became more and more, and we tried to deliver food to them as much as possible.”As a result, delivery drivers often leave at 4 a.m. and stay out until 1 or 2 a.m.Tao weimin said, “At this time, how can there be any responsibilities inside and outside? One more order is to protect one more family.”Another colleague received a phone call from an old man who lived alone. He said that he had been confined at home for more than ten days and would not buy food online.The old man heard the store’s phone, holding a try attitude to call.The location is far beyond store distribution, and everyone is trying to figure out how to manage capacity to help the elderly.Finally, the supplies arrived.Store colleagues became “hotline operators” and store general managers became the “patriarch” of the busy people.In order to make everyone, especially some thin female colleagues, more comfortable, the shop owners led the group to transform the most spacious training room into a “girls’ dormitory”, equipped with air beds and bedding, and quickly transformed the disabled toilet into a shower, so that colleagues have a place to bathe.Each morning, the parents would ask everyone to take a shot of vitamin C effervescent tablets, “if it made them resistant just a little bit”.Xu Cong of Sam’s Club pudong is the “star chef” who, at this particular moment, has become the guarantor of the guarantor.Like many of his colleagues, Mr Xu travelled to the store from his home in Puxi before pudong was closed.”I know all of my colleagues are on the frontline at this time, and they need someone to protect their diet.”There are more than 100 colleagues in the store, and xu cong and his assistant provide all of them with three meals a day.Unlike the restaurant, the store has only a few induction hobs, and it takes 40 minutes to boil a pot of water.The two of them start preparing meals for their colleagues at 5 a.m., preparing them, cleaning them, cooking them, packing them, cleaning them…All the way into the night.When the store is too busy to open, Xu cong will help pack orders and drive his private car to deliver goods to residents.”There are too many people in the store who work harder than me. I hope Shanghai will get better soon.”