It is said that they are “heilongjiang specialty”

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Ren Ziwei, Wu Dajing, Fan Kexin, Qu Chunyu and Zhang Yuting are all from Heilongjiang. Not only that, Yang Yang, Wang Meng and other short track speed skating world champions are also from Heilongjiang.Snow and ice project in heilongjiang province are more than “required courses” world champion was born here in 1953, the first session of the national games held in Harbin ice after a upsurge of ice and snow sports in heilongjiang province set in speed skating star shu-yuan wang recalled 1960 heilongjiang shoulders on the responsibility for the state establishes a provincial first speed skating team around after the birth of the selection and training a heilongjiang province so farMore than 30 world champion a winter project emerged more than 10 a champion 2002 Olympic winter games in Salt Lake City for China’s first gold medal of the games Yang left Turin winter Olympics in 2006 won the women’s 500 m short track speed skating champion wang meng left 2010 vancouver winter Olympics get the first gold medal of the games of the Chinese figure skating program shen xue and zhao hongbo left 2014 Olympic winter games in sochiSpeed skating project the first gold medal of the games are zhang hong left China in 2018 pyeongchang won the men’s 500 m short track speed skating Olympic Wu Dajing left decades ago heilongjiang let conditional school water ice in the ice sports since 2013, the school will with snow and ice projects included in the compulsory course for compulsory education in heilongjiang province has also encouraged the schools open ice hockey, curling, such as sports projects this year,The city of Mudanjiang launched ice skating tests for high school sports, including ice smoking 尜 (GA), curling, and 100-meter speed skating; children ice smoking on the songhua River in Harbin 尜.Now, Heilongjiang province has been carrying out the activity of “One Million Teenagers on ice and snow” for more than 40 years, which has cultivated a large number of reserve talents for China’s ice and snow sports.”Champion of the township” open to citizens in the open-air ice it’s worth noting that China won 16 gold MEDALS in previous Olympic athletes of cultivating the nearly half from qitaihe in qitaihe is located east heilongjiang province the total population of less than millions of city used to be a coal city is a national name “champion of the township” delta heilongjiang qitaihe champion buildingQitaihe in 1974 founded the first amateur team in 1991 world university winter games from qitaihe zhang jie won the first gold qitaihe opens the short track speed skating project after rapid growth recently, with the explanation short track speed skating ones with “fire” wang meng is qitaihe delta qitaihe short-track speed skating champion pavilion,Wang Meng’s six MEDALS at the 2006 Turin Olympics and 2010 Vancouver Olympics.Now,Qitaihe is the most abundant national short track speed skating program backup talent pool of qitaihe city and open to citizens in the open-air ice delta qitaihe children to participate in skating in winter Olympic Games in Beijing is filled with the figure of heilongjiang province is not only a competitive talents in Beijing Olympics referees, international researchers venues of ice, “snow child” and so on has the figure of heilongjiang provinceAt present, Heilongjiang province has sent more than 500 domestic technical officials, scientific researchers, team doctors, ice makers to serve the Beijing Winter Olympics and 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, “snow children” clean the ice.Heilongjiang province also set December 20 as the “Heilongjiang National Ice and snow Activity Day” to encourage state-owned ice and snow sports venues and facilities to open to citizens free of charge to promote “300 million people on ice and snow” Netizens have said that “the reason why the common language of speed skating is northeast Chinese has been found” “Is this a specialty of Heilongjiang province?Beijing Winter Olympic Games is going on together for the Winter Olympic athletes refueling!