Various localities continue to carry out “Spring Breeze Action” various measures to help return to work

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Recently, in Xinyu, Jiangxi province, the recruitment directors of 20 enterprises went into the network broadcast room and met job seekers “across the screen”.For job seekers who live in remote areas, Xiangyang, Hubei province, sent “employment caravans” to pick them up for free.Jiaxing, Zhejiang province sent 9 recruitment teams to Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan and other places to carry out “stationing recruitment”…Just after the Spring Festival holiday, local governments have been carrying out the “Spring Breeze Action”, taking various measures to build platforms for enterprises and workers to return to work in an orderly manner by holding online and offline job fairs.A plane carrying 421 migrant workers from Yunnan and Guizhou arrived at Fuzhou Changle International Airport at 15:50 on Feb. 9, the first batch of employees from key enterprises to return to work after the Spring Festival.”Our family’s monthly income in Fuzhou is tens of thousands of yuan. Fuzhou is our second home.”Lu Yonghua, who has been working in Fuzhou for seven years, told the reporter, “Taking a chartered plane to come back to work helps me save a lot of travel expenses. It feels beautiful!”It is reported that the migrant workers will be sent to 149 key enterprises in Fuzhou, realizing “out of the door to enter the door, off the door to enter the factory door”.”When migrant workers arrive, they will be determined by the employer and the local human and social security department,” he said.The relevant person in charge of fuzhou municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security introduced that they will urge enterprises to do a good job in health management, accommodation arrangements and other services after the arrival of employees, to ensure that the migrant workers “come”, “stay” and “stable”.In order to ensure the safe and orderly return of migrant workers to their posts, the human resources and social security departments of Guangdong province, in collaboration with guizhou and other places, have jointly organized point-to-point trains to return to Guangdong.After arriving in Guangdong, the Department of Human resources and Social Security of Guangdong will provide special buses to send the workers to the enterprises, and help the enterprises to prepare for the reception and resumption of work of the employees.As the online and offline recruitment holidays have just ended, local governments have actively set up docking platforms to meet the employment needs of key groups and implemented a series of measures such as “ensuring employment and promoting employment”.On February 9th, in the east Industrial Park of Songzi City, Hubei province, enterprises in the textile and garment industry welcomed a group of “special guests” — a bus full of job seekers in the textile and garment industry entered the park, very lively!”In previous years, when we attended the Spring Festival job fair, we had to hitchhike by ourselves.This year, the department of human resources and Social Security sent us a free car to visit the enterprise, the ‘matchmaker’ really in place!”After getting a letter of intent to apply for a job, Ms. Zheng, a villager in the village of Five chaomen, said happily.According to reports, in view of the large number of local textile and garment workers and the large number of such enterprises, in 2022, songzi Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security will change the traditional mode of holding job fairs and distributing publicity materials, and adopt on-site observation to provide more convenient and efficient services for both job seekers and workers.”The workers who come to our company to visit and experience are all skilled workers in the industry, which is exactly the talent we are in urgent need of. This experience activity organized by human resources and social security department will definitely achieve our full capacity production.”Hai Xing group personnel director Gong Juan said.Online recruitment campaigns are also booming.In Liaoning province, dalian human resources Market holds a live broadcast every morning, where staff promote positions, answer policies and respond to netizens’ questions.These days, Changsha, Hunan, “thousands of enterprises and thousands of posts” cloud hire meeting is being held, a number of local leading enterprises to “live with posts” in the form of enterprises and job seekers to build a new interactive platform.Do training skills “send” gold in hand, not a skill alongside.In order to support workers in finding jobs and starting their own businesses, many localities have stepped up training for employment and starting their own businesses in light of the characteristics and needs of different people they serve, and sent vocational skills to their homes.”The details are safe, and the teachers taught us the DOS and don ‘ts of putting on AIRS, which gave us a whole new perspective on the job.”Zhang Yunli, a villager from Fuyang Village in Shidian, Yunnan, was deeply impressed by the training course for scaffolding workers.She and her husband have been working at a construction site in Zhejiang for two years.This time, they went back home for the Spring Festival just in time to attend the labor export skills training organized by the local government.They benefited a lot from 15 days of theoretical and practical training.”When we got the certificate, we felt better about going out to work.”Zhang yunli said.It is understood that Shidian County, according to the will of the masses, to carry out free vocational skills “door to door” activities, so far, has completed 11 shifts of electricians, steel workers, scaffolding workers and other project training, to ensure that the skills and quality of returning personnel continue to improve.In addition, Qinghai has also increased the supply of public employment services, actively coordinated training resources, implemented subsidies for vocational skills training and vocational skills appraisal, and encouraged various training institutions to set up training courses tailored to the characteristics of migrant workers’ employment.(Reporter Ye Xiaonan Liu Leyi)