Who are the biggest female NBA fans?

2022-06-23 0 By

The first big female fan of NBA players, James fan Rihanna, she is an American diva level female singer.Rihanna has been a big fan of James since his days with the Heat, making multiple trips to the NBA Finals to watch him play.Rihanna is no less famous than James in the United States. She is one of the biggest fans of NBA, and her love for James is also seen in the eyes of many fans.It is well known that The relationship between James and Rihanna goes back a long way, and Rihanna is a fan of James’.Second, Kobe Bryant fan Taylor Swift.Telles is a young American and even world famous female singer, as well as a songwriter, versatile.Teles likes basketball very much, is a loyal fan of Kobe Bryant, and many times with Kobe Bryant cooperation, Bryant’s game Taylor is often to the scene to cheer for Kobe Bryant.At one of Tellers’ concerts, Taylor invited Bryant to join her, and the two danced around the stage.Let a person envy