Hungary donates 523,000 doses of coronavirus vaccine to Cambodia

2022-06-24 0 By

Hungary’s Foreign minister and trade minister said Thursday that his country will continue to help prevent the coronavirus worldwide.Peter Szijjarto points out in his post that there is less talk of war, but unfortunately the fight against the pandemic is not over and many countries are still struggling with the coronavirus without a vaccine.He put it this way: ‘We know that by increasing global vaccination rates we can continually reduce the chances of developing new variants, so we are helping countries in need to donate vaccines.”We still face some serious challenges,’ he added.He stressed that Hungary continued to help protect the world: To date, It had donated 4.7 million doses of vaccine to 18 countries in order to increase global vaccination rates and thus reduce the chance of new variants emerging.As he said, Hungary will donate 523,000 doses of Astrazeneca vaccine to Cambodia on Thursday.He stressed that Hungary’s donation of vaccines to Southeast Asian countries had passed the one million mark.